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Club Penguin Series 3 Treasure Book! June 28, 2009

Posted by Ghostflight the warrior cat :3 in Uncategorized.

I forgot all bout’ the treasure book 😀 And I had a code and I went 2 unllock and guess wot??!?!?!?! Yeah ur right! A new treasure book! This is pretty cool, check this out! Click here And do u know wot?!?!?!?! I had 17 or 49 codes! I unlocked the maracas,blue cheerleader outfit and pompoms,the funster,blue sneakers,fish costume,yellow flippers,snare drum,drumsticks(of course lol),blue boa,star glasses,tie dye shirt,stuffed bunny,500 coins ( 😀 ) and from collection 2  bellarina outfit(I already have the ballet shoes so no not them),tiara,headphones,penguin band hoodie,snowboard helmet,ski patrol outfit,MJ poster(lol not really XD),magic wand,fairy wings,long johns,stocking cap,snowflake t-shirt,bunny slippers,winged helmet(hidden),black diva sunglasses,kitty kat hat,keytar,croshatch hodie and 500 coins and from collection 1 pumpkin basket,frankenpenguin(lol) hat,frankenpenguin(lol) outfit,bee antenna,bee costume, bee wings,mermaid outfit,coffee apron, golf hat,firefighter hat,firefigter jacket,pizza apron,chef hat, reporter camera,alien suit,alien mask,red cheerleader outfit and red pompoms,mp300(AKA ipod lol),pink sk8r hat,yellow cape,green bunny slippers,white parka,brown sk8r hat,black pirate boots,red hoodie,elf suit,elf shoes,reindeer antlers and 500 coins! FEW THATS ALOT lol!



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