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MUSIC JAM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 17, 2009

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Before you start rockin out, grab the new free item at the Cove! It’s green headphones.

Sorry not much  pics….but

Head to the Snow Forts and grab some Music Jam Merchandise!

u can buy Music Jam T-Shirts and an All Access Pass (backstage pass).

There’s 2 special rooms this time, one at the Dock and the other at the Lounge (above the Night Club). You can meet the Penguin Band at the Dock Backstage, and you can meet Cadence at the Dance Club Roof.

The Penguin Band plays at the Iceberg Stage “Rock The Iceberg”. When there not there they will be at the Dock Backstage.

Theres something for everyone at this years Music Jam. Find the Stage for you below.

music jam stage1

Iceberg – Watch the Penguin Band play.

music jam stage2

Cove – Relax and grab some headphones.

music jam stage3

Forest – Grab your cowboy hat and get western.

music jam stage4

Snow Forts – Get some Music Jam Merchandise and play Battle of the Bands.

music jam stage5

Soccer Pitch – Rock out at the Rock Rink.

music jam stage6

Coffee Shop – Jazz it up.

music jam stage7

Dock – Main Stage! You can also acsess the Backstage and meet the Penguin Band!

music jam stage9

Beach – Pink Pink Pink.

music jam stage10

Lighthouse – Play your instrument on the stage to hear it through your speakers, grab a few friends and form a band!

music jam stage12

Ski Village – Add straw at the end of Orca and you’ve got Orca-Straw!

Explore the island, there’s something for everyone! Here’s another thing I thought was pretty cool:

music maker 3000

You can acsess the Music Maker 3000 off of the Snow Forts. Walk on a color to play an instrument!

applause button

There’s also an Applause Button at the bottom of the screen in almost every room. Click it to hear an applause!

Buy your backstage pass and Music Jam Clothing at the Snow Forts.


You can also make your own music in the Music Maker room!

Rock out at this years Music Jam and have fun!



1. doggyz111 - July 21, 2009

wow! AWESOME! 😀 i met pb 😀 horrah

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