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Untitled July 19, 2009

Posted by Iderrella in Uncategorized.

UPDATE EES HEA!!!! My name is.. Snow Cloud99!! You can also call me Snow, or Snow Cloud I guess.

~•Snow Cloud99•~

Okay everyone, I am officially changing my name. See, I was not happy with the name ‘lyriana’ so I decided for the Summer I’d call myself SummerGirl10.  I am not fully amused with that, either, so when I do end up changing my name above what you are reading now will be an update with my name.




1. doggyz111 - July 20, 2009

wat is ur email cuz i cant send it the avatar 2 u
Jorjeea: parissharples@yahoo.co.uk

2. doggyz111 - July 20, 2009

this is how u make subpages
step 1: click new page and make it and put stuff on it.
step 2: publish it.
step 3: get back to ur subpage on the dashboard.
step 4: look to the right. u will see a thing in a rectangular box that says “main page (no parent)” and there is an arrow on the end of the tiny box.
step 5: click the arrow.
step 6: look for the page u want to put ur subpage on.
step 7: click ur main page and update. u should have a subpage on ur desired main page.
hope this helps!

3. Annie - July 20, 2009

Hello Jorjeea.
You have ordered 7 times this month already and I have completed 7 orders for you. I cannot make you any more due to my new rule of 3 ORDERS PER MONTH. Please wait until next month to order.

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