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HILARIOUS day! August 19, 2009

Posted by Ghostflight the warrior cat :3 in Uncategorized.

So I had an absolutely HILARIOUS day! xD!

First I was watching my puppy(Nacho) playing with my 2 other dogs, he splatted onto the floor and I laughed so so so SOOOO much that I fell on the floor too! xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then when I went to summer school, I slipped over the slippy floor and landed on my butt! xD!!!!!!!!

Also when I went to do my speech in class today in summer school, I was so nervous I fainted xD!

Later at summer school my teacher told me in class I fainted and everyone was giggling(even the boys!) at me! I went BEETROOT!

And my speech was about…well…um…how do I say it?….um…OK LOL! I’M GONNA TELL YOU! It was about… BLUE SQUIRRELS!!!! XD XD XDDDDDD! THEY DON’T EXIST!

After summer school, I ate a cheese sandwhich, which ALL fell on the floor as soon as I picked it up xD!

After…I was stapling my pictures together and I BROKE THE STAPLER! xD!

Then when I was packing for tomorrow I LOST MY 3 PAIRS OF FLIP FLOPS 😮 LOL! xD

Whilst I was on Club Penguin, Nacho my puppy was outside my terrace in our apartment…he put his head through the bars and got it stuck there 😆 xD! (Luckily he got it out)

Also well… I was walking with my drink and I tripped and broke the glass. And a ball fell on my head(I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WE HAD THAT BALL xD), the glass broke, my balloon fell on my head and I fell xD!


120mhdi.gif (255×153)



1. Anne Lu da Vinci - April 19, 2010

Shut up Annie grrrrrrrrrrr Jorjeeaq isn’t lying. I just think your a jerk and you think she’s annoying. Well gues what she’s anNOTing! Ugh

Annie! She’s my best friend in ss(summer school) We all did a ridiculous speech about yellow dragons and pink rats. So leave her alone.

2. Annie - August 22, 2009

oh i see xDD blue squirrels must have been interesting…. 🙂
Jorjeea: yep lol

3. jorjeea - August 21, 2009

em….well the summer school teacher told me to 😆 and yes it did happen

4. Annie - August 21, 2009

oh, and did this all really happen? somehow it kind of resembles my posts… of a speech…. and my topic was pink dolphins and yours was supposedly blue squirrels! how long was your speech? how did you talk about it if it didn’t exist?

sorry, but its kind of a big coincidence that you did exactly what i did.

5. Annie is not signed in - August 20, 2009

hi jorjeea.
i cannot make your header because you have already ordered twice this month. also, i did your header right. you did not say 3 or 4, you said 12 and that is what i did. so i cannot change it. plus, you just ordered another. thanks

6. doggyz111 - August 19, 2009

lol! this all really did happen!? lol! and rofl! blue squirrels i knew they were not real lol! crazy day for u! anyways, i emailed ur background to the parissharpless email. can u give me the other email too if it does not get through? also. can u post on august 20th for me? i have a dentist appointment on that day so yeah. thanks!!!
Jorjeea: I didn’t get it. Please try again.

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