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I am on a diet October 13, 2009

Posted by Ghostflight the warrior cat :3 in Uncategorized.

Uhuh… so I eat too much junk xD I´m doing good so far 😀 So I like dannons, pomegranites and uhh…. 😆 umm….soup lol. Anyway I know I promised to post every TWO/2 days, but when I really wanna post I will post =D  Anyway I made a funny picture! But it won´t show =(  So I just finished my soup. I am going to show a few pictures now =D :

cupcake003.jpg image by hollywoodpsychic

Mmmm…. I want that cupcake! xD

Meet my pet, Rexy!

This is my other pet, Rex. He creeps me out sometimes!

For some reason I like dinosaurs and volcanoes xD

No escaping if you´re there xD


I also like tornadoes and hurricanes LOL!

See full size image





jorjeearox-1-1-1.gif picture by Jorjeea



1. Umph - October 17, 2009


2. Umph - October 17, 2009

You should go on a diet. For children your age, a little fat is actually healthy.
Well I know that. But I need to go on a diet just incase I get another hole in my other tooth.

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