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Ow, ow and ow! October 14, 2009

Posted by Ghostflight the warrior cat :3 in Uncategorized.

OWWW! I have a hole in my toooth! I´m going to the dentist too luckily =D Ouchie! Here´s my tooth story 😆 :

I was eating some bubblegum 😆 and my tooth was starting to hurt. I called my Mum and she said: Don´t worry sweetie. It´ll be better tomorrow. It wasn´t T_T. So today, yes today after I had some more bubblegum 😆 it hurt a lot! My dad checked it and said OH NO! Verity(My Mum´s name 😆 in french it means truth anyway on with the story 😆 ), Paris has a hole in her tooth! I was singing but actually shouting 😆 HEY HEY YOU TOOTH! STOP HURTING ME SO MUCH! HEY HEY YOU TOOTH! I DON´T LIKE YOU HURTING ME-EE! HEY HEY YOU YOU GET OUT OF MY MOUTH, GET OUUUUUUUT  GET OUT OUT OUT! 😆 .

Anyway! Meh not happy =( Waaaaaaah! Lol. I DID go to school. We didn´t realise until I was home, eating my noodle soup. After I finished my soup I ate my lollipop xD After that I had some cookies 😆 then more bubblegum :mrgreen: . I started chewing on my left (PS left is this way if your idiotic 😆 <—) then I said “Daddy(yes daddy  😆 ), my tooth hurts! He looked at my tooth then he swore a bit xD.

My Mum was really shocked. I was the one who was shocked the most(¿Is that the right sentence? xD) 😯 . We phoned the dentist. My dad said “Hello, my daughter has got a hole in her tooth.” “¿Can we book an appointment please? Thank you.” “OK thanks! Bye!”

THE HAUNTING OF THE TOOTH WITH A HOLE INSIDE xD Haunting! 💡 Oh wait….the idea´s gone xD. Mesh mesh 😆 Anyway….uh…hmm………… -.- Lol. OK now seriously xD I changed my avatar for now to this halloweeny big thing xD but it hasn´t changed yet ¬.¬

OK so on the 20th-31st of October, I will put each line in black then orange then purple ^.^ If I don´t then just tell me/comment 😆 It´s been like forever since I used 😦 and 😥 ….Hmm….I haven´t been USING smilies for like….FOREVER! EVER! EVER! EVER! EVER! 😆 Echoing xD


 Hmm…what to do next? xD*Looks on to post list 😆 * Oh yeah! Spam! fhdbgfdhygfvydfyusddfysdysgfighidugfuigfdgduygfduygfdfhodsfhodf *Ticks spam*  *Looks onto list again* Next: Advertise a few people! Umm….maybe not xD

Wow, I´ve been typing a post for AN HOUR STRAIGHT! Hmm… Oh yeah! Today at school, a boy called Renny(he wants to be a comedian), he was so funny today! In my english lessons, my teacher turned on the radio. As soon as he did, Renny(he was near him) jumped! xD Next we were practicing english manners. Like, sorry I´m late for school. As soon as he passed the person playing the dad, he tripped on PURPOSE! xD It was so funny! Everyone was laughing! Even the teacher! XD!


I know I already posted 2 times(yesterday, the day before) but if you wanna post that don´t count =D.  Uhu h so…….uh….Oh yeah! Look at this AWESOME cupcake!

cupcake003.jpg image by JorjeeaAnd no, I didn´t make that xD!  I WISH I DID! Too bad I wouldn´t be able to eat it(cause of my tooth =( ) xD

Cya later peeps!  


Forannicontest-1-1-2.jpg picture by Jorjeea




1. ~MAYA! - October 22, 2009

hey hi
i am melissa.s rl bff, you knoww
and, well ok i have something too tell you gurl
well you know the “mesh” “xD” thing is OUR thing so i would appreciate it if you would pleasee stop doing that
because hey i know what you.re gonna say that “hey everyone does that” but i.ve seen your blog before a few times and i have seen how many times you.ve copied stuff from other peoples. blogs. people aren.t blind you know, people can see that you copy things
so i know that you.ve probably seen it from somewhere else (AHEM MY BLOG MELISSAS BLOG AHEM) so i would appreciate if you would stop, ok

2. doggyz111 - October 18, 2009

this is a long post! srry about ur tooth. the cupcake makes meh wanna eat it!!!

3. Raz0rEdge...ǝƃpǝɹ0zɐɹ - October 17, 2009

I got a hole in my tooth when I was little. IT HURT LIKE HECK.
visit Umph’s Halloween blog, http://totallyspooked.wordpress.com
Yeah. I´ve been there once.

4. Jor :) .....click my name! ♥ - October 15, 2009

i know =(

5. ♥Chloë♥ - October 15, 2009

yeah, your emoticons don’t work

6. Annie - October 15, 2009

your emoticons don’t work.

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