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I´m back!!! December 21, 2009

Posted by Ghostflight the warrior cat :3 in Uncategorized.

Hey! Where was I you´re probably asking yourself 😀 I was moving! And we got our phonelines! There was a power cut….Lol. I´m now changing Build a bearville cheats to fantage cheats and I´m adding chobots. Don´t worry Ellen90999/Tatata, this work is for me. 🙂

My emotions are back!!! 😀 😀 😀 Anyway as AnnieApple said: The holidays feel so damn good cause you have no homework. I got New Moon on DVD and it was AWESOME!!!

Today I missed escuela. If you don´t know what escuela means it means school 😆 . It was the last day. Thank god I didn´t get a stupid school present xD . Noodles rock. Well that was random…..O_o. I gotta think of stuff to post about.

Anywho….It´s raining like hell outside. Yesterday I bough the joke book of Twilight: Nightlight 😆 . The Cullens are actually called the Mullens in the joke book. xD.

Tell me how weird this is: I haven´t got an advent calendar this year. I know…so weird. 😆 My feet smell like vinegar O.O. My new house has no security. The gate is broken and wide open. Our house is like SOOOOOO  unsecure. 

Moo. That was the randomest thing I did since 1584. Yeah I know I wasn´t born then. THAT´S THE POINT! Don´t you get it?  It was the weirdest thing I did since I was born. Oh you did know. OK I forgive you. 😆

I feel like petting my computer right now -_- Anyway I LOVE ALL MICHAEL JACKSON´S SONGS!!!!

Noodles-uhh I mean toodles! 

You can run because the midnight wolf is gone, but not for long.  ~Midnight.                   



1. ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! .....click my name! - April 9, 2010

dude? i’m a girl

2. kile - April 9, 2010

ur the creepest dude ever just kiddiding

3. lolgirlz35 - February 13, 2010

New moon isnt out yet….
But you know those black men who sell you stuff? They sold it to me 😀

lolgirlz35 - February 13, 2010

oh arent those pirated copies then?
Err….no? xD yep but the police will never find out >=D

lolgirlz35 - February 18, 2010

my dads a police officer…..

LOL jk!
LOL! I believe you for a second. LOL. But even if he was HED NEVER FIND OUT WHERE IN SPAIN I LIVE >=)

lolgirlz35 - October 9, 2010

Spain huh? MWAHAHAH! lol Long time to talky….

4. Tatata aka Ellen90999 - December 21, 2009

Your back! I also play Fantage as well!
It’s soo fun! LOL

☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! .....click my name! - December 22, 2009

Midnight replies: I missed you and yeah fantage is awesome!

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