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About my puffles


About her: She enjoys dance contests and walks. Her favorite colour is pink and she’s nearly the girliest puffle there is. She is very attractive to boy puffle( 😆 ) and she’s pretty fast.

About him: He is my favorite puffle. He enjoys DJ3K and walks and acting and singing and painting/making sculptures. He’s….really attractive too(xD). He loves running and he is very active.
About her: She likes to play aqua grabber. She always helps me win it. Shes super active and LOVES walks. Her favorite activities are jumping and skipping. Shes ALWAYS happy. Even if she’s hungry, tired and bored!
About him: He’s usually grumpy. He loves to skateboard and dance. He’s stronger than superman LOL. And he’s silent and doesn’t squeak.
About him: Sausages are silly and so is Sausage so that’s why he’s called Sausage (: He likes walks and he likes to hang out at the box dimension(cause it’s a silly place) and wait for the orange puffle (: He likes to mess around. He likes to use the unicycle and burp xD He also likes to fly with the propellor cap. He also likes to juggle.
About him: He loves to surf and help me with catchin’ waves. But he’s too scared to play survival. He likes to go on adventures with me. When he’s really happy he plays in the cannon and goes parachuting. When hes normal or sad he likes to bowl.
About her: She can get pretty annoying sometimes. Her favorite place to  hang out is the iceberg because she likes blending into the water and scaring people. She loves to play with balls. Shes always happy except for when I say no to taking her to the iceberg LOL!
I have a white puffle but the whiteness won’t show lol.


1. jake - September 15, 2010

That’s cool but could you put some cheats on too?

2. RiyaAdventerous3 - April 25, 2010

Whoa your a Member? I have tried all my life to be one.

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