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Ideas for drawing

Right now I have NOTHING to draw in my sketchbook. So if you know what I can draw then you came to the right place! And if I choose yours then I will put you on my blogroll 😉 .



1. Fellarina - August 15, 2010

well there are about a million thing you could draw…
people, lanscapes, animals (wolves!!!!), peace signs, a book 😆 ,
or scribbles.
or a treadmill.
😆 😆 😆

2. miss sweet - July 19, 2010

l l __________ _ – ________
l l l l——l l – – l l——
l l l l l l – – l l
l l l l l l – – l ______
l l l l l l – – l ——
l l l l l l – – l l
l l l l l l – – l l_______
l __________ l ________ l – l——-
———- ——–

love ❤
Midnight aka Wild Blackpaw: :3 cute nice job

3. ninja685 - April 27, 2010

i usaully draw monsters,ghosts and beasts…
but knowing you…you should draw some wolfs,an earth Day Theme,or something to do with your favorite games or something

4. grace*:) - April 1, 2010

umm ……….. if ur a girl drawl hearts or if ur a boy draw a well i have nothin srry:)
Um its obvious i’m a girl lol and btw already did that O:

5. Emarald123 - March 28, 2010

Well. Sence it’s almost Easter, then you should draw an Easter theme.


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