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Chapter 10

Wizard City–
I strode into my new dorm room. It was neither clean or messy– a perfect between. The floor was a lush pink carpet which, I discovered, was very fun to walk on. The wall was purple, that shade of purple that both Jordan and I loved. Jordan saw me staring and said,
“If you don’t like the wallpaper, I can change it.” She casually flicked her wand. The colour of the wallpaper changed– Royal blue, lime green, multicoloured. I told her that it was okay, I had liked it as purple, and, looking relieved, Jordan changed it back.
There was a Ravenwood banner on the wall, along with another that read, “Death“. I asked about it.
“Why is there a Death banner?”
“I’m Death. I can make a Fire one, if you like.”
Jordan swished her wand and a Fire School banner appeared next to it.
I walked around the dorm room. It had lots of furniture: a table with a can of Dr. Pepper resting on it; a working desk which had what looked like homework (gulp) on its surface, along with a quill and ink; a mini refrigerator, stuffed with wizard snacks like “Gummy Ghouls”, “Imp Chip Cookies”, and of course, the classic “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans”; and finally, a single king-sized bed with a rainbow swirl bedspread.
“Do I get a bed too?” Jordan looked confused at this, then blushed. With another flourish of her wand, a bed appeared, identical to hers.
“Sorry…” she said. “I’ve been busy with practising spells, and… Uh… Talking… to my teacher.” She blushed again. Wait, what school was Jordan again? Death. Then her teacher–
“Your teacher is Malorn Ashthorn, right?” She nodded. Oh. Back at home, when I asked her if she liked anyone, she had always said that it was like all the boys were in another world. Now I knew what she meant.
Jordan asked me,
“Wanna practice our spells?” I nodded, then something occurred to me.
“Wait– do you need a wand?” I asked her.
“Oh… I bet you don’t have one yet. Hold on, I’ll be right back. I’ll go get one for you from Headmaster Ambrose.” She departed in a burst of sparks. I thought I saw some tiny skulls, too, the symbol of the Death School. I wondered if I made little flames when I teleported.
While Jordan was gone, I changed into my Novice wizard robes. They were red and orange. Ew. When Jordan got back with my wand, I had to ask her her how to change the colours on these clothes. I raided the fridge for food. I decided to risk the Imp Chip Cookies. Hopefully they were edible. I took a bite of one. Mmmmm. They were way more than edible. I ate another. They reminded me of Emily’s cookies back home. I wondered if I would ever see Emily again. I had seen Jordan again, so why not Emily? It was possible.
Jordan materialized with my wand. It looked pretty nice. A spherical ruby rested in the centre, and bits of gold formed sort of wings around it. Jordan handed the wand to me. When I touched it, I felt a faint spark of warmth. Jordan told me that my wand was a Branded Wand, one of the weaker models, and it could only cast weaker spells, like Firecat and Fire Elf. But that was okay with me. I couldn’t resist casting another Firecat. This one ate my bedspread, then breathed flames at the can of Dr. Pepper, which melted. Jordan showed me how to restore the room and change the colour of the bedspread back to normal, and I used this same technique to change my robes from bland red and orange to bright magenta and sunshine yellow. Then, weary from my long day, I climbed into bed and fell asleep.



1. Fellarina - August 10, 2010

you SO got the bertie botts every flavor beans from harry potter

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