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Chapter 11

–Wizard City–
I woke up to the Fire banner that hung over my bed and to the smell of breakfast. Jordan sat at a round table with two wooden chairs on either side of it which had not been there the previous night, shovelling strips of bacon and pancake bits into her mouth, as if she was in a hurry.
“What’s the rush?” I asked her as she slurped a glass of orange juice. I was glad they still had normal food in Ravenwood, so I wouldn’t have to live on fried fairies or whatever all my life. I sat down at the table, where a glass of orange juice and a plate loaded with bacon, eggs, and sausages waited for me as well. I took a bite of one of the sausages first. Jordan answered my question with,
“Class starts in two hours, and I still haven’t finished my homework. I have a quiz on the importance of the Death School, plus I need to cast a Skeletal Pirate.”
Jordan finished her breakfast, grabbed her sparkling wand, and waved it around. A floating, skull-like swirly symbol appeared in mid air, “Like it does for all Death spells,” according to Jordan. It disappeared after a few seconds, but was replaced by a skeleton dressed up like a pirate. It had eyes, though, and a red dappled bandanna around its head. The skeletal pirate was also wearing ragged shorts, and tattered pirate boots. A hook replaced one hand, and the other hand held a cutlass. The pirate swung it around, ripping a hole in the wallpaper, and faded. Did spells always destroy their surroundings? Attack spells probably did. Jordan shot a ray of light at the wall using her wand, and the wallpaper returned to normal. Jordan jumped in the air and said,
Yes! My first Skeletal Pirate! All my other ones fizzled! Can you believe that? Well, I guess I still have that quiz… I should do that before it’s class time…” She walked over and planted herself on the red padded stool in front of the desk. I finished my last bite of bacon, and the table vanished. I jumped in surprise. Jordan noticed this.
“Oh, that’s an enchanted table. It appears whenever you are going to eat a meal, then vanishes and cleans up after itself when you’re done. Snacks don’t count as meals, of course. Well, I’d better get started…” she dipped the quill in the inkwell on the desk, then began scribbling answers down on her quiz, pausing once in a while to think. She asked me,
“Elizabeth, do you know what the most advanced death spell is?” I shrugged. “Oh, I know, I’ll look it up.” she went over to a closet I hadn’t noticed before, reached under a heap of clothes, and pulled out a laptop. It had the Ravenwood logo on it. Jordan opened it and pressed the “power” button. “Darn,” she muttered. I saw that the “G” and “A” keys was missing. “Gamma doesn’t really approve of technology, especially computers. I guess he wouldn’t, being an owl… But sometimes, he pecks the keys off of people’s laptops. Technically, we’re not really supposed to have computers until we’re Master wizards. I’m only a Magus, but, It was a gift from Malorn. Sometimes the teachers will give a few choice students their own laptop to help you with homework, if they’re good enough in class, and if they’re a few levels ahead of most of the class.” She smiled and began typing. She found the answer to her question and scrawled it down. I decided to practice teleporting. I popped all around our dorm, then got tired and sat down on my bed. I swished a wand and a book appeared. I was getting really good at minor entertainment spells, like summoning items and cleaning up messes. I flopped down on my bed and began to read, wondering what my first wizard class would be like. One way or another, I would find out in an hour.



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