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Chapter 12

–Wizard City–
“Well, see ya! We get a lunch break in between classes.” Jordan waved as she began to walk towards the door of our dorm room.
“Wait… Between classes? Don’t I only have one? Fire class?”
“Oh… That’s right… You haven’t chosen a Secondary School yet, have you? Well, you’d better choose one soon, once your Main School class is over, you eat lunch, then go directly to your Second School class. Once you’re a higher level, sometimes you can even have a third School, but don’t worry about that now. Now I really have to go. Wouldn’t want to be late, Malorn might think I don’t respect the Death School or him, and I respect both.” She hurried out into the hall and teleported away. I needed to get to my class, too… Where was the Fire School again? Oh yeah, next to the Death School and the Ice School. I focused on being there, in one of the student desks I had previously seen, and everything vanished around me. Things started popping back into view all around me: The flaming wallpaper, the scorch marks on the ceiling, the magic blackboard which wrote and self-erased repeatedly,
Ms. Dalia Falmea
– Today’s lessons
* Cast a Firecat
*Cast a Fire Elf
and finally, the panoramic windows which gave a clear view of everything outside, including Keira Iceheart’s face, fixed in its usual “death stare”
. What was her problem?? I ignored Keira (this time) and took a seat at the nearest desk, the first one in the second row. Next to me was a girl with spiky short red hair and hazel eyes. She was talking to a girl in a different row of desks behind us, but stopped when I sat down. I fidgeted a little, and Professor Falmea began, “Welcome to Fire class! We have a new student, Elizabeth Iceblossom! I know some of you have more advanced spells, but right now, just for Elizabeth, we are all going to cast a Firecat. Please take out your wands.” The assembled class grumbled a little, but did as told. “Elizabeth, can we see your Firecat first?” I grabbed my wand, fumbled with it, and managed to wave it around in a flame shape. A Firecat dropped out of thin air and breathed a hearty flame for a good number of seconds. I heard a few gasps, and a mumbled,
“That was the best Firecat I’ve ever seen!” The whole class began clapping. I smiled shyly.
“Very good, Elizabeth! I think you are ready for your next spell…” she took out a spell card labelled “Fire Elf” with a picture of a little elf with curly black hair. I took it. Professor Falmea mostly had us practice our spells. One boy even had a Phoenix, one of the most powerful spells Fire had. We had to go out to the Fire Tower across the way to see it. It was just slightly too big to fit in the Fire School without burning someone. We stayed in the Fire Tower for the rest of class casting spells, only returning at the end to grab our things. I returned to the classroom just out of curiosity, not having brought anything or knowing where to go next. The girl I had originally sat next to saw me and said,
“Your Firecat was so cool! It was really bright, and I’ve never ever seen one breathe that much fire for such a long time! Good job! I’m Mindy, by the way.”
“Hi, Mindy. I like being a Pyromancer…” We continued to talk idly until Professor Falmea announced,
“It is time for lunch! You can eat anywhere you like. I hope you all enjoyed today’s class, especially you, Elizabeth.” I smiled. and went outside with the stream of Fire Students. If we could eat anywhere we wanted, maybe I could find Jordan. The Death students were just next door, right? I walked outside, looking for Jordan. I located her almost immediately, sitting on the fence next to the hole which apparently was once the Death School. She ripped open a packet of Gummy Ghouls and ate one. I walked up and sat next to her. We talked about how our classes had gone. Just as I was telling Jordan about Mindy, I saw her, sitting alone on the grass.
“Hang on, I’ll be right back,” I told Jordan. I walked over and invited Mindy to sit with us. She gladly accepted, and my old friend, my new friend and I ate lunch together. I decided that I definitely really liked Ravenwood.



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