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Chapter 13

Wizard City–
After we’d eaten our lunch, Professor Falmea poked her head out of the Fire School doors.
“Lunch is over, my young Pyromancers!” she announced to the Fire students. “I suggest you hurry to your Secondary Schools, before you are late.”
Some of the wizards grumbled, but did as they were told.
“Oh, I’d better hurry and get to the Life School! Did I ever tell you that my Secondary School was Life?” Jordan said to me. I was confused.
“But… Don’t the opposite Schools not get along? Like, don’t Life wizards hate Death wizards?” I asked perplexedly. Jordan laughed.
“No. But they are a little scared of them. Like, if a Life wizard attacks a Death enemy, then the Life spell will be a lot more powerful. Make sense?”
“Yeah, so far. But, why’d you choose Life then?”
“Because of the healing. If someone dies in combat or gets injured, then I can help them.” she said.
“Oh. Cool.” then something Jordan had said hit me. “Wait… Attacks an enemy? Dies in combat? Should I be scared?”
Jordan said, “No. When you’re a better wizard, and a higher level, you get to go out into the world. You can do quests to help people, and participate in wizard duels. You can see the rest of Wizard City. And they don’t really die, they just get sent back to the Commons to heal and relax. That’s one of the good things about being a wizard: You’re a little immortal. Now, I have to get to Life class. Bye!” She teleported away.
That’s the moment when I realized that I didn’t have a Secondary School. I wondered what I should do. I obviously shouldn’t just sit there like an idiot. I had to pick a school, and fast.
But before I had time to think, I was swept up in a crowd of wizard students heading toward the Ice School. I guess my decision had been made for me. I followed the horde of wizards into the Ice School, wishing I was back in our dorm eating Imp Chip Cookies.



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