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Chapter 14

–Wizard City–
I hesitantly sat down in a third-row desk in the Ice School. It was really cold– but, hey, it was the Ice School! What did I expect? There were icicles hanging from the ceiling, for crying out loud! I glanced around the room. There was not one wizard I knew here. I suddenly felt lonely and wished I’d accompanied Jordan to the School of Life. I wondered if Professor Greyrose would be angry if I just stood up and bolted out of there. But as I was planning this, class started.
“Welcome to Secondary Ice Class!” the Ice professor trilled. She adjusted the tiny blue spectacles perched on her nose and stared directly at me. “I see we have a new student! What is your name, Dearie?”
“E-Elizabeth,” I stuttered.
“Wonderful! Everyone say ‘Hi, Elizabeth!'”
“Hi, Elizabeth,” droned the class. Gee, warm welcome much?
“Well, Elizabeth, welcome to the Ice School. Today we’re going to be casting spells like usual, and the rest of the class will be taking a quiz on Ice Spells.” Groans from the class punctuated this last remark. “Well, we’d best get started! Everyone, we’re going to warm up by casting a Frost Beetle! Well, not literally warm up, this is the Ice School! Heehee! Oh Elizabeth, here’s the Frost Beetle card.” She tossed it to me. The other wizards began casting their Frost Beetles, so I did the same.
“Summon Frost Beetle!” I cried, letting the spell card drop to the floor. The Ice School symbol magically traced itself in mid-air, but instead of a Frost Beetle appearing, it turned to ash and fell to the floor. “Fizzle!” someone snickered. I was alarmed, then realized that the Frost Beetle only had 80% accuracy. I guess it was called a fizzle when your spell didn’t work. Professor Greyrose interrupted my thoughts by saying,
“Now that we’ve done that, It’s time for out quiz!” she swished her tiny wand and papers appeared on every desk but mine. The other students began filling it out with quills and ink. I was too new to Ice to know anything about it, so I just sat there counting the myriad snowflakes on the wallpaper.
One thousand, eight hundred ninety–one, one thousand, eight hundred ninety-two, one thousand… And before I knew it, it was time to leave.
“Okay, Dearies, Ice Magic Class is over! Enjoy the rest of your day! Class dismissed!” My fellow Secondary Ice students teleported away, presumably to their dorms. I was about to do the same, when Merle Ambrose suddenly burst into the room. He glanced around, then seemed to relax when he saw me.
“Elizabeth! I was just looking for you! I forgot to give you something!” he placed something in my hand. I looked, and saw that it was a mini crystal ball, just like the one in his office, only smaller. It was like the wizard version of a cell phone. I turned to thank him for the gift, but the headmaster was already gone.



1. Fellarina - August 10, 2010

u r soo good

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