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Chapter 15

–Wizard City–
I clutched the mini crystal ball in my hand, still glancing around the room and trying to find Headmaster Ambrose. I loved the way the crystal ball shimmered in the light and thought it was an amazing gift, but that didn’t matter if I had no clue how to use it.
“Headmaster Ambrose!” I called fruitlessly, on the slim chance that he could hear me. “How do you work this thing!”
I had forgotten that Professor Greyrose was still in the room. She fluttered over and told me,
“It’s really quite simple, Dearie! You can speak with anyone who has a crystal ball of their own. You just say their name, your name, and ta da! Instant communication!” Oh. Cool. Then I realized something that made me so happy, I almost did a flip. Emily had a crystal ball! When I lived with Emily, I had always asked her what it was for. She told me that it was just a worthless trinket. I asked her why she kept it, and she told me that it was more important than I knew. Now I knew.
“Thanks Professor Greyrose!” I said ecstatically. I ran out of the Ice School and said, “Emily Greene. Um, and Elizabeth Iceblossom.” The crystal ball shimmered to life. It flashed rainbow colours and gave off a brilliant light. Then the colours dissolved, replaced by…
Emily!” I cried joyfully.
“E-Elizabeth?” she replied, surprised. But not as surprised as she should have been. I had a sudden sneaking suspicion that Emily had known I was a wizard all along. As it turned out, I was absolutely correct. “Oh, Elizabeth! I haven’t seen you in a while! How’s it going up there in Ravenwood?” so she did know!
“You knew I was a wizard all along, Emily?” I said. She explained,
“Yes. Headmaster Ambrose asked me to take care of you. He sensed long ago that you were a very powerful young wizard. I did as I was told, and I knew that someday, you’d be welcomed as a student in Ravenwood. But I never thought it would be so soon– 11 years have gone by in no time at all! I miss you, Elizabeth! I hope you’re having a good time at Ravenwood! Well, I have to go soon. My dinner is probably burning as I speak… Goodbye!”
“Bye Emily…” I said a little sadly. The crystal ball went all rainbowy again, then went back to its normal, swirling blue state. But… What did I do now? I had forgotten to ask Jordan, Headmaster Ambrose, or even Professors Falmea and Greyrose what you did after classes. So I roamed randomly around the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, looking for Jordan. I couldn’t seem to find her anywhere, but I did find Mindy. I told her I was in search of Jordan, and she offered to come with me. Then I realized; I could just ask Mindy what to do after classes. so I did.
“Hey Mindy?”
“This is kind of a dumb question. But what do you do after classes?”
Mindy looked perplexed for a moment, then said, “Well, pretty much whatever you want. You can go back to your dorm and read, take a nap, do homework, or other stuff, or you can do quests.”
“Quests? What are they?”
“Little tasks that people ask you to do. You get your first one from Headmaster Ambrose, but you have to be pretty experienced…” she trailed off, seeming to be lost in thought. I told her goodbye, I’d be in my dorm, practicing spells. Then I teleported to our dorm, and watched as everything appeared around me. Including Jordan! That’s why I couldn’t find her anywhere.
“Hi, Jordan!”
“Hey, Elizabeth!” she responded. “How’d your first class go? Like being a wizard so far?”
“Yeah! They were awesome!” We continued to talk about our day, then Jordan sacked out on the bed. I guess her classes required a lot more energy than mine. Well, probably because she was a higher level, she got more powerful spells, that took more of here Magical Energy or Mana. That must be it. I decided to practice my spells. I cast my first non-fizzle Frost Beetle, then decided to go to sleep too. I dreamed I was back on Earth, eating Emily’s cookies.



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