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Chapter 16

–Wizard City–
I was awoken by someone going
Knock knock! on the door of our dorm room. I would normally answer it, but I was tired and really didn’t care who it was. Knock knock knock! They knocked again, more persistently this time. I pulled my pillow over my head. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK–
“Alright, who’s there!?” I demanded, throwing open the door to reveal… Headmaster Ambrose. Oops. Hehehe. I immediately tried to explain my actions. “Umm, see, I was sleeping, and you woke me up, and I thought it was someone else, and–” He held up his hand for me to stop.
“No, I assure you it’s quite fine, Elizabeth. I just came to tell you something, something very important.” I decided Headmaster Ambrose really was a pretty cool guy, for someone who was like, 100.
“Wait– w-what?” I said.
“I’ve come to ask for your assistance. We have a– a bit of a problem on unicorn way. We could use the help of a wizard like you to sort it out. We’ve tried to get other wizards, but they didn’t want to help, or they were too weak. Will you help the good people of Unicorn Way?”
“Yeah, sure! But what do they–”
“Thank you, Elizabeth! Unicorn way is right next to the Rainbow Bridge. Here, give this to Private Stillson outside of Unicorn Way, then he’ll let you pass.” the headmaster left via teleportation. Great. He always left before I could ask him what I needed to. I still had no clue what the “problem” was, or how I could help, but I had promised Headmaster Ambrose that I’d help, so I couldn’t back down now. I quickly wrote a note to Jordan, who was still asleep:

Dear Jordan,
one to Unicorn Way. Helping the headmaster.

Yeah, my writing wasn’t the neatest, but I didn’t really care. It was readable, and that was what counted.Then I thought of Unicorn Way, took a step, and teleported there. I handed Headmaster Ambrose’s letter to a fat guard with a name tag which read: PRIVATE STILLSON: WIZARD CITY GUARD.Then I strolled forward and entered Unicorn Way. I didn’t know what to expect, but I know what I didn’t expect: Hordes of vicious skeletal pirates just like Jordan’s spell, some transparent lost ghosts wandering aimlessly, and even some smirking dark fairies, their small red eyes glittering with malice. I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was now. But why did Headmaster Ambrose think I, of all people, could help? I had been a wizard for less than two days now! I was just a novice. But I had to try anyway, even if it got me sent to the infirmary.
A guy in green robes and mismatched yellow shoes that told me he had absolutely no fashion sense ran up to me.
“I’m Ceren Nightchant. These monsters have taken over Unicorn Way, and no one will help!”
“I’ll help,” I assured Ceren. “Or I’ll try to…” I muttered under my breath as I turned away.
Suddenly, I saw the last person I expected: Keira Iceheart. She was weakly attempting to kill a skeletal pirate with a Frost Beetle. I knew I could do better than that!I was going to show Keira that, too.
I dashed up to a skeletal pirate. It muttered some pirate gibberish (“Arrg blarg hraaar yarr!”) and slashed its sword at me. My robes tore a little, but I was still unscathed. I said, “Summon Firecat!” and threw down my spell card. A blazing Firecat breathed flames which engulfed the skeletal pirate. It collapsed into a pile of bones. I sped around as if in a trance, casting Firecats and Frost Beetles which quickly finished off the monsters. Before I knew it, the street was completely empty, and I stood there with fairy dust all over my clothes and a pile of bones at my feet. I panted, and looked around for Ceren Nightchant. I found him all right, but Keira was talking to him. She gasped, as exhausted as if she had just run a marathon, and said,
“I did it! I killed one skeletal pirate! I’m the hero of Unicorn Way!” I collapsed into a fit of hysterical laughter. Keira whirled around and glared at me. Her cold eyes stared me down like lasers, but for once, I didn’t care.
“I killed every monster on Unicorn Way, except for that one pirate Keira killed.” I said triumphantly.
“Well done! You are the hero of Unicorn Way!” He awarded me a badge to show my achievement. Private Stillston, who had left his post outside of the gate, cheered.
“Unicorn Way is safe! Go tell Headmaster Ambrose!”
Keira hadn’t stopped glaring, but I gave her a taunting smile. I had won this time.



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