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Chapter 17

–Wizard City–
I skipped to Headmaster Ambrose’s house. I couldn’t wait to tell him the news! I had saved Unicorn Way! I threw open his door and announced,
“I saved Unicorn Way!” For once the headmaster’s room was empty, with no one but Ambrose himself there. Oh, and me of course. The headmaster seemed distracted. He said,
“Oh. Good. Sure. Yeah, nice job… But I don’t know what I’ll do about the rest of wizard city…” His voice trailed off, then he seemed to snap back into focus. “You… You saved Unicorn Way, you say? Gamma, this may be the one to save Wizard City!” Gamma came flying into the room and said,
“Young Elizabeth here! She is the hero of Unicorn Way!”
“Congratwhooooolations! But, she needs to help out on Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, and Cyclops Lane immediately! They are falling into chaos!”
“But of course! She’ll be there in no time!” Merle Ambrose suddenly noticed me standing there. “Go on get going!” He said, shoving me in the general direction of Triton avenue. So much for the “Great job, I’m proud of you” thing. I walked into Triton Avenue, and the first thing that hit me was that it was even more monster-infested than Unicorn Way had been. I set to work at once clearing out the weakest enemies, the haunted minions. I even tried casting a Fire Elf on one of them. It didn’t fizzle either. Once the haunted minions were taken care of, someone rushed up to me.
“Have you seen my brother?” she inquired frantically. “He’s got to be somewhere around here! I can’t find Artur anywhere! Please look for me!!” I obliged. I searched around Triton Avenue, setting fire to any monsters in my way. The already bug-eyed rotting fodders looked like their eyeballs were about to fall out. I searched everywhere I could think of, but didn’t find Artur. Then I checked in the only spot I hadn’t looked yet: a tower. I found Artur there all right, but he was guarded by an evil-looking scarecrow. (Wow, that makes me sound wimpy.)
“I am the Harvest Lord!” he cackled maniacally. “You’ll never save Suzie’s brother, or leave here alive! This is only the beginning of Malistaire’s plans for this pitiful world of weak wizards! Soon Wizard City will fall, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it! Muahahahahaha!”
“Um… Oh yeah?!” I said. I know, worst comeback ever.Then I rushed at the Harvest Lord, taking him by surprise. “Summon Fire Elf!” I shouted. The Harvest Lord fell backward, half his health gone. I cast a Frost Beetle to finish the job.The Harvest Lord fell to the ground and his head rolled off. That would have freaked me out had he been human, but his head was just a pumpkin, so I was cool. Artur called,
“Thanks so much for saving me! I was being held prisoner by that horrible scarecrow! I’ll make it back okay.” I nodded in response. Then I thought of what the Harvest Lord had said: ‘This is only the beginning of Malistaire’s plans for this pitiful world of weak wizards!’ At that moment, there was only one thought in my head: Who was Malistaire? When I had taken my tour of Ravenwood with Jenna, and I had asked who Malorn Ashthorn was, she had said, “Malorn was one of professor Malistaire’s students before… Well, I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it.” so Malistaire, whoever that was, had used to be a professor. But something had happened… And the only person I could ask was Jenna. If she wasn’t allowed to talk about it, then nobody else was either, and I don’t think anyone else who had been at Ravenwood long enough to know would tell me. Yes, I had to find Jenna. I didn’t even care that I had just saved Triton Avenue; All I wanted to know was who Malistaire was. So I set off in search of Jenna.



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