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Chapter 18

–Wizard City–
I walked aimlessly around Ravenwood, looking for Jenna. I expected the hard part about finding her to be the crowdedness of Ravenwood. But on the contrary, there was not a single wizard there! Oh, right, the classes had ended about an hour ago. Duh. No wonder Ravenwood was empty.
I decided it would be pointless to keep searching for Jenna, so I teleported to Headmaster Ambrose’s office to tell him how heroically and awesomely I’d killed the Harvest Lord.
“Hey Headmaster Ambrose! I killed the Harvest Lord! He was really easy too! I only needed to cast 2 spells!”
“You killed the Harvest Lord! Wait, how easy was it?” he said.
REALLY easy,” I said.
“Good. If the Harvest Lord was easy for you, then the rest of Firecat Alley, Cyclops lane, and Colossus Boulevard should be easy too! Work with Keira here–” I noticed too late that Keira was standing in the office too– “and you should be able to save Wizard City in no time at all!” Whoa, this wasn’t what I wanted! And I had to work with Keira!? Could this get any worse? But, *sigh*, I had to do it.
“C’mon Keira,” I growled. “We have to save Wizard City.”
I teleported to Cyclops Lane. I heard Keira whine, “Hey wait for me! I can’t teleport that fast!” before my surroundings faded to be replaced by… Cyclopes. Lots and Lots of Cyclopes. They saw me too, judging by the fact that they were saying stuff like “Intruder!!” In gravelly cyclops voices and making a wide circle to surround me. I said,
“Ughh… Do we have to do this the easy way? Or the hard way?” My answer was a cyclops flinging his hammer at my head, which I narrowly dodged. “I guess it’s gonna be the hard way.” I rushed at them, wildly casting random spells. Firecat! Firecat! Fire Elf! Frost Beetle! Fizzle!? The cyclops which my fizzling spell had been directed at decided to crush my foot with his hammer. OUCH!! I wished a Life wizard was here, but I’d have to put up with the pain for a while, because if I didn’t, this cyclops was gonna kick me into next week.
“Summon Fire Elf!” for once, that one spell didn’t knock the cyclops unconscious into the road. This one was tougher than the others. It took 3 more spells to kill him. But as soon as I did, I was rushed with three eager wizards.
“Thank you for saving us!” said a girl named Electra Stormcloud. “Yeah, I thought we were dead meat!” chimed in Garrick Goldenhawk. “We were being held captive by General Akilles! When you defeated him, you released us!” said Rosie Ironheart ecstatically. Oh… The cyclops I’d just defeated was General Akilles. No wonder he was so tough. Which reminded me…
“Hey do any of you guys have any healing spells? General Akilles kinda decided to smash my foot. And it hurts.” I said. Rosie Ironheart casted a sprite, which partially healed my foot. Then Garrick froze it in ice so it wouldn’t hurt anymore. “Thanks!” I called over my shoulder as I ran to Firecat Alley. When I got there I remembered something: weren’t Keira and I supposed to be partners? That was a bad idea from the start, but, still. Where was she?? I got my answer in a few seconds. I went through the tunnel to Firecat Alley and found her repeatedly summoning Frost Beetles against a monster. Wow, for her to need that many spells, it must be really tough. I walked over and fond that it was… A haunted minion. Wow.
“I’ve already killed three of them! By myself!” Keira bragged. I replied sarcastically,
“Cool! And I’ve killed everything in Cyclops Lane, including General Akilles. By myself!” Keira gaped disbelievingly, then went back to weakly attacking the haunted minion. “If you need me, I’ll be kiling fire elves.” I told her, walking towards where they were.
“Why would I need you?” she spat haughtily. I shrugged and kept walking.



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