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Chapter 20

I opened my eyes just a crack. Although I probably shouldn’t say “just”. “Just a crack” was as far as I could get my eyes to open. It probably had something to do with getting slammed by an Ice Wyvern covered in spikes. Cold, lethal icicle spikes…I shuddered at the memory. OWWWW! My whole body screamed in protest. Note to self: no more shuddering. Every inch of me hurt like heck. I couldn’t do anything without being racked by an onslaught of pain. Everything I did caused me intense misery. Moving, breathing, blinking– Yeah. It even hurt to blink. This totally sucked. I felt like one big broken bone.
Oh yeah… I was in the infirmary back in Ravenwood. And might I add that, they needed new hospital beds. Badly. The one I was lying on was hard and uncomfortable. And it was gray. I hated gray. Ick. Plus, the place wasn’t the healthiest either; I could hear, but not turn my head far enough to see, sick wizards coughing and hacking all over the place. Plus, what made it really unclean and diseased-feeling was that wizards could cure the common cold, or any other mild sickness. The wizards in here had enchanted maladies that magic couldn’t fix. Lovely. Yeah, that pretty much summed up my day so far… Lying in a lumpy gray bed with a bunch of ill wizards and not being able to move anything without breaking out in spasms of pain. Sounds fun, no?
Merle Ambrose walked into the room, presumably to check on the patients. He observed various students, then his gaze fell on me.
“Elizabeth! You’re awake! I bet you’re feeling much better now, huh? Ready to save the rest of Wizard City?” I wanted to hit the guy. The closest I could get right now, though, was to glare and shoot him a “you have got to be kidding me” look.
“I guess not.” He said. Man, had he got that right. But, when would I be ready to save Wizard City? I decided to ask the headmaster.
“How long until I’m healed?” I croaked out. I needed a glass of water or something, because I could barely speak. Headmaster Ambrose said worriedly,
“I-I’m afraid I don’t know, Elizabeth. It really depends on how badly you’re hurt. How about… A test? Can you touch your toes?” I pondered the best way to answer this. I finally came up with,
“Dude, I can’t even look at my toes.” This seemed to worry him even more. He reached into a pocket in his astral-patterned robe that I didn’t even know was there until now and pulled out his own mini crystal ball.
“Moolinda! I need assistance! Bring a Satyr.” Umm… Oo-kay? What was that supposed to mean!? I exclaimed in surprise as a green-robed cow, who I now recognized as the Life teacher Moolinda Wu, teleported into the infirmary. A dancing goatman accompanied her. Before I knew what was happening, she told the goatman/Satyr,
“You know what to do.” he did some sort of happy goat-dance while playing a set of reed pipes, sis a flip, and vanished in a flurry of rainbow sparkles. Weird. What was that supposed to do? Entertain me?
“Well do you feel better?” Headmaster Ambrose asked me. I discovered, to my surprise, that I did indeed feel a lot better. “Ye-Yeah! Yeah, I do! Thanks Professor Wu! And, um, Satyr guy.” Too late. Professor Wu was gone. And for the Satyr, he’d disappeared as soon as he’d healed me. Geez, didn’t any wizard people stick around long enough to say thank you!? At least I was feeling a lot better.
“I feel almost normal now, can I leave?” I asked Headmaster Ambrose. I was getting sick of being here. No hospital analogy intended. He just chuckled.
“Hehehe… Sorry, Elizabeth, but ‘almost normal’ isn’t enough to save Wizard City.”
“Is it enough to get me out of this place!?”
“No. You have to stay here for one more day, just to make sure you heal right. Not my fault, just the rules. Well I must get going. See you around young wizard.” *Poof*, he was gone. I felt like screaming after him, “I thought you MADE the rules!!” But it would be fruitless. I knew that by now.
I sighed. Being stuck here for another day doing nothing was about the worst thing I could imagine. I did everything I could to entertain myself: counting the astral stars on the wallpaper, (9,452), thinking of what I’d rather be doing right now, even making up new lyrics to some old songs. But there were only three words to describe me then: Bored, bored, and bored. In fact, the only thing that kept me from going totally off my cake was when my friends came to visit me. Random people from my Fire and Ice classes turned up to see if I was okay, and Jordan and Mindy turned up with flowers. Jordan gave me a card that said “Get well soon! Don’t be like this guy! >>>” with an animated dancing skeleton on it, and Mindy gave me this bouquet of flaming everlasting lilies. It was good to see my friends again, even in the infirmary. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. Jordan suddenly asked me,
“Hey, how’d you get hurt in the first place? Keira Iceheart says she saved you from getting killed by a Fire Elf. She says it cast a Phoenix on you.” It just took that one word to get my blood boiling: Keira.
SHE did this to me!” I snapped, with an anger that surprised even me.
“Who?” asked Mindy.
“Keira. She attacked me with an Ice Wyvern.” I said venomously.
Keira?” Jordan gasped. Apparently the fact that a student would attack another student like that was unbelievable for her. Not so for me. “She could get suspended for that! We have to tell the headmaster! Come on!”
“I can’t,” I said ruefully. “I’m not allowed to leave here ’till tomorrow.”
Jordan’s face fell. “Then how will we get Headmaster Ambrose?” she asked. I had an idea. I said, “Merle Ambrose.” and pulled out my crystal ball. Instantly his face shimmered into view. Jordan and Mindy immediately began explaining, cutting each other off and telling him how Keira had tried to kill me.
“Headmaster Ambrose–”
“Guess what, Keira–”
“Elizabeth got attacked–”
“Ice Wyvern–”
“What do we do?”
“She could get suspended–”
The headmaster held up his hand for them to stop. “I’ll be right there.” He said. I didn’t care how long it took him, as long as I got my revenge. Keira would pay.



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