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Chapter 21

–Wizard City–
“I didn’t care how long it took him”!? Did I actually say that!? I expected Headmaster Ambrose to be here in a few minutes tops, not hours later! I was actually free to leave the infirmary now, but if I did, the headmaster wouldn’t know where to find me. I actually spent 45 minutes extra in the gross hospital, by my choice. How twisted is that?
“What’s taking him so long!?” I hissed to nobody in particular, although Jordan and Mindy were still there, so I guess you can say the remark was directed at them.
“I don’t kn–” *Poof!* Jordan was interrupted by the arrival of Headmaster Ambrose. I exclaimed,
“FINALLY! Now you get here!? What the heck took you so long!!? Umm, I mean, Hi Headmaster Ambrose!” He nodded and waved to acknowledge my greeting, but refused to tell us what took him so long I had a sneaking suspicion he hated the Ravenwood infirmary as much as I did, and just didn’t want to come back here. I couldn’t argue with that.
“So, what was it that you needed, Elizabeth? It was your crystal ball calling me, but I couldn’t make out anything you said because of your friends…” Mindy and Jordan blushed sheepishly. I said,
“Do you know how I got hurt in the first place? What I got attacked by?”
“No, but we have theories. A student says you were nearly killed by a phoenix, and Gamma believes that one of Malistaire’s minions here in Wizard City attacked you.” At the mention of “a student”, my friends and I all shared a quick glance. Then something the headmaster had said triggered in my memory, making me forget all about Keira.
“Who exactly is this ‘Malistaire’ guy anyway?” Jordan and Mindy shot me incredulous looks that said either “How can you not know that!?” or “I can’t believe you’re asking about that! It’s a forbidden subject!”
I really hoped it was the first one. Headmaster Ambrose appeared to do the same, first shooting a disbelieving and then a nervous look at me. There was a short period of silence. He finally said,
“I can’t believe you’re asking about that. It’s a forbidden subject.” Urghhh! Couldn’t I ever get any answers I wanted? “But I’ll tell you, Elizabeth.” Oh. I hadn’t realized the Headmaster still had more to say. Yay. “Once upon a time, Malistaire used to be our Death professor. Then he went insane and started destroying the Spiral. The end.”
“WHAT!? That’s the lamest fairy tale I ever heard! Uhh I mean, Why?”
“Because he’s EVIL! All Death wizards– Um, I mean, some Death wizards–” he glanced at Jordan, who was glaring at him a little– “Are evil! But, err, Miss Unicornpants is one of our most trusted wizards, and she’s Death. There are nice Death wizards too. So, they’re not all evil?” he glanced hopefully at Jordan, who nodded stiffly. I could tell she now felt as if she had something to prove. I knew that Jordan wasn’t evil, but were some of the other Death wizards? I dismissed this thought, not wanting to become paranoid.
“In order to save Wizard City, you must stop Malistaire!”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought all I had to do was clear the streets of monsters?”
“Well, you have to do that too. Now get going! Hurry up, Wizard City isn’t going to get saved if you’re just sitting in bed all day!” Say what? Whose fault was it that I was in this bed now, anyway? Merle’s. And Keira’s…
“Wait Headmaster Ambrose! Remember why you were here in the first place?” the headmaster, who had been making for the door, stopped and turned around to face me.
“No, Elizabeth, frankly I don’t. Was it something about how you got attacked?”
“Yeah, yeah! Wanna know who attacked me?”
“Well, I–”
“Keira. Keira Iceheart. She cast an Ice Wyvern on me! What are you gonna do about that? Expell her? Please please please?” he adjusted his spectacles and stared, as if to make sure that I was still me and hadn’t been replaced by a scarlet screamer.
“Keira Iceheart, you say?” I nodded eagerly, sure that my arch nemesis was going to get her comeuppance. But, as usual, my bad day was going to get a whole lot worse.
“Preposterous!” spluttered Headmaster Ambrose. “Our students here are all trustworthy! I have trouble believing that even Keira would do something like that. There is no one who would do that here in Ravenwood. I bet you just made that up to get Keira in trouble. Maybe you attacked yourself and just don’t remember!” What!? That didn’t even make sense! “And besides, all Ice wizards are nice and friendly. There’s never been a mean Ice wizard before. So I don’t think it was Keira.” Keira was definitely mean. If there had never been a mean Ice wizard, why couldn’t they start now? Man, did Merle have stereotype issues.
“Now go save Wizard City!” he vanished in a whirl of sparks. Mindy, Jordan and I gaped at each other. Now I wanted to save Wizard City even more. Not because the stupid headmaster ordered me to. Because I had something to prove. If I could get a reputation as one of the most trustworthy, responsible, and powerful wizards in Ravenwood, then Headmaster Ambrose would surely believe me about Keira. I said farewell to my friends and set off to Colossus Boulevard.
I was a wizard on a mission.



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