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Chapter 22

–Wizard City–
As I walked briskly towards Colossus Boulevard, I wondered what to expect. Giant Colossuses??? Flying talking doughnuts? I didn’t really care. It was part of Wizard City, though, so I had to save it. *sigh.* I rounded the corner in the Shopping District… And crashed straight into a hard iron gate. Ouch. My nose started bleeding. Wizards stated laughing. I started blushing. Hey, how was I supposed to know there’d be a gate here?
“Hey there, little missy! Are you okay?” a gruff voice asked. I whirled around and saw another fat Wizard City guard. Was it just me, or did the guards need to do something besides standing around guarding nothing all day? There was some serious chubbiness going on here.
“Hi,” I said. “Um, I need to get into Colossus Boulevard.”
“You sure about that? I don’t know if I can let you in. It’s pretty dangerous in there. I’m under strict orders…”
“Look, Blubber Boy. Headmaster Ambrose wants me to save Wizard City. He insists that I save Colossus Boulevard. So, unless you want to go against the headmaster’s orders…”
“All right, all right, I’ll let you in.” the guard grumbled, unlocking the gate. As I headed into the tunnel, I heard him mutter under his breath, “And I’m not a Blubber Boy.” I chuckled quietly as I entered Colossus Boulevard. My first impression of the place was: an arctic wasteland. Barren fields of snow and ice made up the main scenery. A snowstorm ravaged the street, and icicles hung from the trees. My second impression was: OMG I NEED A JACKET!! It was freezing here! Literally! I don’t know why my delayed senses waited until then to react, but the sudden cold shock knocked my breath out of me. I exhaled, and a cloud of ice particles flew from my mouth. Brrr! I really needed a scarf. I bolted out of there and into the nice, warm Wizard City robe shop. The shopkeeper said,
“Hey there. Can I interest you in a new–”
“Yeah, what do you have?” I picked out a nice comfy warm robe with a skirt and a cape and handed a few coins to the shopkeeper. He put them in his cash register and said,
“Thanks for your business!” I nodded and then paid a visit to the hat and shoe shops. I got a hat that had four horizontal stripes and was embellished with several blue gems, and some boots that looked more like socks, but were comfortable nevertheless. I swished my wand and the colors turned to pink and yellow. Then I ran back to Colossus Boulevard, ready to tackle the problem there, whatever it was. Although if I had to admit it, I knew that the place was probably infested with monsters. I walked through the tunnel again and saw that I was absolutely right. There were some evil snowmen (that really makes me sound like a wimp: how can snowmen be evil!?) who tried to cream me with snowballs, and these things called gobblers, which if I had to describe them, looked like ugly green mutant hairless rabbits with warts wearing size 200 overalls. Ick. Not only were they ugly, but they smelled. And they were eating the buildings. I wondered what they tasted like. And I didn’t like it, but I was gonna have to start killing them. I said to one, even though I doubted he could understand, “I’ll give you a choice. You can surrender, or I can blast you to bits with my wand. Whichever suits you best.” The gobbler twitched his ears and burped at me. Rude. Didn’t these guys have manners? But the weird, and gross, thing was, it actually hurt. I found little bits of who-knows-what on my robe, along with acid. I’m serious, this weird monster had just belched acid all over me. Along with month-old chicken livers and bits of cobblestone. Using my wand, I siphoned the yuk off my robes quickly and then cast a Fire Elf. It killed the gobbler, but just barely. I was going to have to ask Professor Falmea for some new spells soon… But not now. Now, I had to focus at the task at hand. I went around killing gobblers and evil snowmen. This time, I won’t bore you with the details. Anyway, in only about an hour, I’d completely cleared out Colossus Boulevard of monsters. I went back to tell the headmaster the news, when I bumped into Keira. Like, literally. We both fell to the ground. Something that had been in her arms, flew into my hair. It began flapping around, getting tangled more and more in my hair. What the heck was this thing, anyway!?
“Fang!” Keira cried, stretching her hands toward my head. She stopped short when she realized it was me. “You!” she said.
“Yeah, me,” I shot back. “Who were you expecting, the Harvest Lord? And, Fang?
“Yeah, Fang. My new pet bloodbat. When you tripped me, he flew into your hair. Nasty. I’m going to have to disinfect him later.” I knew she was trying to tick me off, so I ignored her and said,
“I didn’t trip you. Just get your Fang out of my hair!”
“Eww, what are you, crazy? I’m not touching your hair!” We continued to quarrel until I finally had the sense to use my wand to extract Keira’s new pet. Fang flew back into Keira’s arms, apparently not wanting to fly. What a lazy bat. I saw that his face was turned up in a snarl, and he looked ready to leap at my throat. The absolute ugliest, meanest pet I had ever seen. It figured. He was learning from a pro. “Well, I’m going to leave now. I have to tell Headmaster Ambrose about how I heroically killed every monster in Colossus Boulevard. In only an hour.” Keira growled at me,
“You saved Colossus Boulevard already? I should cast another Ice Wyvern on you, and put you out of commission. You should have seen you when you were knocked out by my first one! You were so weak! I can’t wait until I get another chance to get you out of my life!” I heard a gasp from behind me. A guy in Pyromancer robes had heard Keira threaten me.
“So you did hurt Elizabeth! I have proof now! I am so telling the headmaster!” the guy teleported away. Keira’s smug smile fell off her face. She had gone from being totally in control to being in deep trouble in a matter of seconds. She looked around to make sure no one else could hear her and said,
“You may get me expelled from Ravenwood. But I don’t care. I’ll find you. And I’ll get rid of you. Bet on it.” then she vanished to who knew where. Her ominous parting words kept echoing in my head: And I’ll get rid of you.
Bet on it.



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