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Chapter 23

–Wizard City–
Even if she had threatened my life again, I couldn’t believe Keira was going to get expelled! I did a little happy dance. I stopped in my tracks as a thought hit me: What if Headmaster Ambrose didn’t believe me? But I forced that thought out of my head. I kept trying to be optimistic. I began walking toward the headmaster’s office. (I was still in the shopping district, remember?) I kept hoping that Keira would get expelled. Then my thoughts turned to Colossus Boulevard, the most recent place I had rescued. I hoped there wasn’t any place else in Wizard City… I was so busy thinking my thoughts that I didn’t notice Merle Ambrose and the Pyromancer guy who had overheard Keira threaten me, teleport right in front of me. I almost bumped into them until at the last moment, I noticed that they were there. Headmaster Ambrose and the other guy were debating on something, probably whether to expell Keira or not.
“Even though she’s arrogant, she’s a good student!” said the headmaster.
“Yeah, a good student, that doesn’t mean she’s trustworthy!” the Fire wizard shot back.
“I overheard Keira say she cast that Ice Wyvern on Elizabeth, and that she was going to do it again!”
“Well, umm…” muttered Merle.
“And Elizabeth knows it was Keira who attacked her! Don’t ya, Elizabeth?” he looked at me expectantly.
“Umm… yeah.” what was I supposed to say, “No, I don’t know if she attacked me or not”?
“Well… Why should I… Umm…”
“Why should you believe us, Headmaster Ambrose? Is that what you’re trying to say?”
“You should believe us…” dramatic pause, “…Because we have proof!
“You do?” the headmaster said.
“We do?” I said.
“Yup! I recorded it on my crystal ball!” announced the Pyromancer. I was beginning to like this guy. He pulled his crystal ball out of a robe pocket and showed it to the headmaster. It replayed Keira saying “I can’t wait to cast another Ice Wyvern on you! You should have seen when you were knocked out by the first one. You were so weak…”
Headmaster Ambrose said, “Well, she didn’t threaten Elizabeth, did–”
“…Can’t wait until I get another chance to get you out of my life!” The crystal ball flashed the colours of the rainbow, than black, then went back to a mystical, swirling blue. Yes! I punched the air. There was no way Headmaster Ambrose could argue with that! Just as I thought that, he said resolutely,
“Well, It could be an edit…” Oh come on! Two pairs of glaring Pyromancer eyes fixated on Merle Ambrose, and he nervously added, “But, um, I don’t think you can edit on a crystal ball… And until you two are at least level 30, you can’t have any electronics on campus… All right, Elizabeth and Kevin. I believe you.” Kevin? Oh, that must have been my new friend’s name. “I will speak to Keira about this. No student should attack another like that! She is to be expelled from Ravenwood!”
WOOHOO!” I screamed. Headmaster Ambrose teleported away to look for Keira, and I was left alone with Kevin.
“So, um… Hi.” he said, reaching out to shake my hand. “I’m Kevin Dawnbringer. I thought it was Keira who attacked you the whole time! But no one would believe me. Or probably you.” I nodded in agreement. “Well, since the classes are over, I’d better get back to my dorm. So… Bye,” Kevin said awkwardly. He waved, then teleported away. Classes were over? Oh yeah, I’d spent the whole day in the infirmary and Colossus Boulevard. I couldn’t wait to get back to my dorm. I hadn’t been there in two days. I really missed the rainbow beds, the comfy carpeting, the purple walls, and most of all, the Imp Chip Cookies.



1. Fellarina - August 10, 2010

i burst out laughing at the “WOOHOO!” (LITERALLY)

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