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Chapter 24

–Wizard City–
I was reclining in my bed back in our dorm. And might I add, my bed was soooo much comfier than that lumpy, gray one in the infirmary. I was telling Jordan about how me and Kevin had gotten Keira expelled, and she was listening eagerly, or at least as eagerly as you can listen while eating Gummy Ghouls and casting Skeletal Pirates.
“…And then Headmaster Ambrose said she was gonna get expelled from Ravenwood!” I finished, biting into an Imp Chip Cookie. Yummers. I love cookies. Always have, always will.
“Hmmm… She always was a liar and a pain in the backside, but I never expected Keira to try to kill another student…” Jordan said absentmindedly, twirling her wand. A Dark Fairy appeared and started laughing evilly as she flew over to our fridge and began sneaking gulps of Dr. Pepper. “Hey! MY DR. PEPPER!” Jordan added, dispelling the Fairy. I replied to her first remark,
“Yeah. Neither did I.”
“Well, Keira being expelled is for the better, I guess. Although I bet her parents won’t think so… They’re rich wizards who live in a suburb in Marleybone. I bet they won’t be too happy when the find out their daughter got expelled…”
“If I know Keira, they probably won’t ever find out.”
“True that.” After a while, we got tired of talking about Keira, and we began practicing out spells. Before she cast any more Dark Fairies, though, Jordan made sure to seal the fridge with magic. I wasn’t about to argue, my cookies were in there, too. I summoned a Firecat, just as my crystal ball phonestarted vibrating in my pocket. I began to take it out, but tripped over one of Jordan’s textbooks called “The Essence of Death“. My crystal ball skidded across the floor, and into the paws of my Firecat. Apparently he thought it was a ball of yarn, because he began pawing it and rolling it around.
“Hey! Firecat! Give that back!” but he wouldn’t listen, and I could guess why. My Firecat needed a name. “Hey, uh, Fluffy!” he didn’t acknowledge this at all. “Um… Blaze. Sizzle. Fred?” when I said “Fred”, the Firecat began wagging his tail like a dog. “Fred, give that back!” I said. Fred nosed the crystal ball towards me. I picked it up and saw it flashing rainbow, as usual, but this time with the message “Incoming Call“. I said, “Hello?” and the headmaster’s face appeared. He said,
“Hi, Elizabeth. I have some… News on Keira.”
“Yay! She got expelled, huh?”
“Well, no, but–”
“WHAT!? Why not!” I demanded.
“Because we couldn’t find her anywhere. We even asked people to look for in faraway places. She is wanted in five worlds. I used my crystal ball, which is more powerful than most, to look in different places around the Spiral. She is nowhere to be found. Keep an eye open.”
“Okay.” Headmaster Ambrose hung up. Jordan walked over and said,
“What was that about?”
“Keira. She isn’t expelled, because no one can find her. She’s wanted in five worlds.”
“Oh.” Neither of us felt like casting any more spells, and since it was 10 o’clock already, we decided to just both go to bed. Keira haunted my dreams. She kept saying “I can’t wait to get you out of my life!” and casting more Ice Wyverns. One, three, five, they kept multiplying and surrounding me, poised to strike at any second. I woke up in a cold sweat.



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