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Chapter 25

–Wizard City–
Guess how I woke up this morning? Jordan made me breakfast. Just not in the usual sense. Okay, she made it normally, but the way it was served was the weird part. So imagine you’re me, and you’re sleeping. *Splat!* A pancake lands on your face. Then two strips of bacon… And a sausage… Another pancake… Now back to my point of view.
“Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey… Literally!” said Jordan. I groaned. I peeled one of the pancakes off of me and stuffed it in my mouth. I ate the bacon next, then the sausage, and finally the other pancake. Jordan waited for me to eat in peace, but as soon as the last pancake disappeared into my stomach, she said, “We’re late.” Late? For what? Oh yeah, magic school class. Something about saving Wizard City and nearly getting killed in the process kinda made me forget about school.
“We are?”
“Yeah. Or, we will be, if we don’t get our butts out the door. You were gonna sleep in all week, so I woke you up, and served you breakfast at the same time.”
“Okay… Thanks. I guess.”
“Don’t mention it. Now get a move on!” Jordan teleported away, presumably to her Death class. I did the same. When I arrived in the Fire classroom, Professor Falmea was saying, “…And that’s what makes Fire so exciting! Now, here’s your next spell, everyone!” she began passing out spell cards to everyone. The master wizards got cards like Helephant or Phoenix, and lower-level people got other spells, like Wyldfire. I quickly took a seat at the only open desk, which, coincidentally, happened to be next to my two best Pyromancer friends: Kevin and Mindy. They must have been saving a seat for me. “Thanks guys!” I whispered as the Fire professor continued to pass out spells. She finally came to where we were sitting and gave us our own cards. Me and Kevin got the Sunbird, while Mindy got a Meteor Strike. Professor Falmea also gave me a Fireblade, saying,
“I forgot to give this to you before. Here you go.” then she gave us all free time to chat and practice our spells. When class got dismissed, I went over and sat at my usual spot with Jordan and Mindy on the wall overlooking the hole where the Death School used to be. This time, Kevin sat with us too. I conjured up some french fries and a hamburger and began eating. Mindy and Kevin started a discussion about Fire spells, while Jordan shared that she had gotten an Animate spell, so she could summon a minion to aid her in battle. I munched and nodded my head, listening to what everyone had to say. Then we went our own separate ways, to our Secondary Schools. This time, when I entered the Ice classroom, Professor Greyrose greeted us all as usual, then announced something that I don’t think any of the secondary Thamaturges expected.
“Hello there, Dearies, I have something to say! We have a foreign exchange student, all the way from Mooshu! Her name is Saffron Moonthistle. Saffron’s first school is Life, but she studies Ice as her Secondary School. Everyone say, ‘Hi, Saffron!'”
“Hi, Saffron,” said the rest of the class monotonously. They weren’t giving Saffron any more of a warm welcome than they had given me.
“Hello, everyone,” said Saffron in a quiet, calm voice, with a slight Japanese-sounding accent.
“Now Saffron, take a seat, Dearie, so we can start class!” Saffron looked around for an empty seat. Some of the other students said, so quietly that Professor Greyrose couldn’t hear, stuff like “From Mooshu!? I bet she can barely speak English!” and “Don’t sit near me!” they were being so rude that I said, very loudly, “Come sit next to me, Saffron. It’s nice to meet you. I bet everyone else is just as happy, right everyone!?” some of the wizards who had been rude to Saffron blushed, and Saffron took a seat next to me.
“Thanks,” she said quietly. “I’m barely accepted anywhere I go, because I’m from Mooshu. People think I don’t know their customs, or their language just because I happen to be a foreigner. And, I speak perfect English, too.”
“Oh,” I said sympathetically. “Well, I think you’re a lovely person. And I think other people would think so too, if they didn’t judge you before they get to know you.” I had been so busy talking to Saffron, I hadn’t even noticed Professor Greyrose passing out Ice spells. I got a Snow Serpent, and Saffron did too. Class was over, I realized. Saffron did too, and she teleported away. I started to teleport back to my dorm room too, then remembered that I had forgotten to tell Headmaster Ambrose that I’d finished with Colossus Boulevard. I teleported to his office. I found the headmaster gazing into his crystal ball, which could apparently be used as a long-range camera as well as a phone. He looked at some deserty palm trees and shrubs, then the crystal ball switched to a view of a dog in a police suit.
“So no sign of Keira in Marleybone? Not here either. Well, goodbye, Officer.” the dog tipped his heat to the headmaster, then the crystal ball flashed that familiar combination of rainbow colors. Headmaster Ambrose turned his attention to me. He said
“I assume you finished Colossus Boulevard?” I nodded, hoping it was the last thing I had to do to help Wizard City.
It wasn’t. “Now, you only have one more task ahead of you! You must defeat Lord Nightshade, the wraith! I think I know what is the cause of these problems here in Wizard City. Malistaire! Lord Nightshade is one of his strongest monsters, (as far as you know), and I think eliminating him will solve Wizard City’s problems. Now get to it!”
I set off with my wand at the ready and my cloak flying.



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