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Chapter 26

–Wizard City–
I couldn’t wait to defeat Lord Nightshade. As soon as I did, I would be finished with Wizard City! No more quests, no more helping, and, best of all, no Headmaster Ambrose rudely shoving me out the door and saying, “Go save Wizard City!”
I headed across the Commons, through the tunnel into the Shopping District, and past all the shops. It took me until got to Olde Town to realize I had absolutely no idea where I was going. I thought about asking someone where the wraith could be found, but then I saw something tacked to one of the buildings. It was a map of Wizard City. I looked at it. The only place I didn’t recognize was a tower labeled “Stormdrain Tower”. That must have been the place I was looking for. I was about to leave when I saw a notice printed on parchment. It said,
*Keira Iceheart*
For disrupting the peace, breaking the laws of Ravenwood School of Magical arts, and attempted murder.
Wanted in the five worlds of Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Grizzleheim. Reward: $20,000.

That just really made my day. I walked into Triton Avenue with a new spring in my step. Although as soon as I entered the Haunted Cave, that little bit of happiness went out the window. It was dark in here, and groaning noises came from behind the doors. I wasn’t quite sure if the doors themselves were making them, or something behind the doors, but I wasn’t going to stick around long enough to find out. I bet they called it Haunted Cave for a reason. I made a mad dash for the tower at the end of the street, my long purple hair whipping around behind me. I narrowly avoided some field guards along the way. I was out of breath by the time I arrived at Stormdrain Tower, but I disregarded it. I grasped the door handle and pulled, only to find that…
The door was locked. I twisted it. i turned it. I tried picking the lock with one of my hairpins. I just couldn’t open it. Then I remembered a fact of crucial importance: I was a wizard. I took out my wand, pointed it at the lock, and Bang! A burst of magic flew out, breaking off the lock. The door swung open with a creak. I stepped quietly into the tower. I was greeted by some sort of undead ghost thing with black feathery wings and a scythe that I assumed was Lord Nightshade. It hissed, in a hoarse, halting voice,
Wizard. I… am having a premonition… I Forsee darkness, descending upon you… Let us seal your fate…”
“You wish!” I retorted, and casted Fred. He meowed and scratched Lord Nightshade with his outstretched flaming claws. The wraith laughed. “A Firecat? Is that the best you can do?”
“No,” I said, “This is.” I casted my newest spell, the Sunbird. Something then happened that I should have expected, but didn’t: Flay appeared and ruffled his feathers. “FLAY!” I said, giving the Sunbird a hug.
“Hi, Elizabeth. Well, I did say that I would see you again, didn’t I?” he squawked. “And that if you needed help, to summon me. Well, it looks like you need help, so…” Flay lunged forward and breathed a jet of red-hot flame at Lord Nightshade, who collapsed to the ground. He clutched at his scythe, then vanished into the floor.
“Thanks Flay…” I said. Flay ruffled his feathers again and disappeared. Yay! I had defeated the biggest threat to Wizard City, and seen Flay again! Bonus!! I teleported back to Headmaster Ambrose’s office, announcing my accomplishment.
“Great!” he said. “Wizard City is safe, thanks to you, Elizabeth!” he handed me a little medal that said “Wizard City Protector” on it. I fastened it to the front of my robe. Gamma flew into the room and said,
“Astounding! No other wizard we’ve seen has been able to defeat that nasty wraith! Or, uh, any of the other nasty stuff you’ve faced.”
“Uh… What do I do now?” the question flew out of my mouth before I could stop it. I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to hear the answer. I was relieved when the headmaster simply said,
“Go back to your dorm room. Go… How is it you wizards say now… ‘Chill out.'” I grinned and teleported away before he could change his mind.



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