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Chapter 27

Malistaire Drake peered intently into the crystal ball, scouring the worlds of the Spiral to make sure the chaos he had created was running smoothly. The portals to Dragonspyre Academy and the Necropolis were broken down and the Titan Army was rampaging; The Oni demons wreaked havoc in Mooshu while the emperor was ill; The O’Leary gang in Marleybone, led by Meowiarty, was breaking the law and not being apprehended; the Manders were still enslaved by the Tuts, and Lord Nightshade was– Lord Nightshade was dead! Malistaire nearly dropped his crystal ball in surprise. How could Lord Nightshade be dead!? Clearly he needed to keep a closer eye on some of Ambrose’s brats… But he had faith that even if Lord Nightshade had been defeated by a student wizard, they would never uncover his plans for the rest of the Spiral. Or would they? Malistaire suddenly felt nervous. Whichever wizard had killed Lord Nightshade could be in Krokotopia by now. Or Marleybone. Or Mooshu… Malistaire did another quick sweep of each world. There were no wizards anywhere they weren’t supposed to be. Except in Dragonspyre, of course. Malistaire himself wasn’t supposed to be there… He should be in Ravenwood, with Sylvia… Malistaire was overwhelmed by yet another wave of grief for his departed wife. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. Sylvia had been dead 6 years now, and he still couldn’t get over the loss. He sighed and turned off his crystal ball. Then a thought occurred to him: he had to find out which pitiful child wizard had had the guts to kill the wraith in Wizard City. Just as Malistaire was about to use his crystal ball again, Ivan Soulsinger ran into the room. Ivan was one of Malistaire’s most trusted advisers, and kept an eye on Wizard City for him. Malistaire had other minions throughout the Spiral, but Ivan was best, because he told the truth most often, and also because he was one of the few who were human. Unlike Jade Oni, who was very unpleasant to deal with, both due to the fact that he preferred to be paid often in precious jade, and also because he kept eying Malistaire like he was a tasty snack, just waiting to be eaten. Ivan reported,
“Master, Lord Nightshade the wraith has been defeated by a lowly Wizard City wizard! Dragonspyre wizards are so much better than Wizard City wizards… Why, before the schools got destroyed by the Titan, they–”
“Focus, Soulsinger!” snapped Malistaire. One of Ivan’s bad habits was to brag about the greatness of the Dragonspyre school of Magical Arts before it got destroyed. The old rivalry between the two schools still stood, in Ivan’s mind. Old habits died hard.
“S-sorry, Master.” Ivan Soulsinger stammered. “Well, Lord Nightshade–”
“Yes I know, has been defeated. Now tell me, by who!?” Malistare demanded impatiently.
“A Pyromancer by the name of Elizabeth Iceblossom, Master. Necromancers are sooo much better than Pyromancers…” Malistaire let Ivan continue rambling while he weighed the possibilities. This wizard Elizabeth Iceblossom posed a threat to him. he could either barge into Wizard City and risk being annihilated by the millions of hostile wizards there who wanted to kill him, or get someone else to do it for him. He picked the second option. Malistaire knew just the wizard. She had been his spy in Ravenwood for months. The girl was incredibly adept at acting innocent and likable enough to work her way into people’s trust, and find out personal information. She infiltrated the magic school and slipped Malistaire crucial information that might help him bring about the downfall of Wizard City indefinitely.
“Ivan! Fetch her! Right now! You know who I mean!” roared Malistaire. Ivan scampered off in fright. Malistaire sat down in his favourite black leather armchair and began reading a novel about vampires while he waited for Ivan to get his most essential spy.



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