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Chapter 28

–Wizard City–
I twirled my hair around my finger absent mindedly, a habit I had picked up from Jordan. I slammed the book I was reading closed. I was getting kind of bored just sitting in my dorm room, so I said goodbye to Jordan and went for a walk around Ravenwood. I passed the Storm School, then Ice, Fire, Death, Myth, and Life. I was now back in front of Bartleby. But I wasn’t the only thing there. There was a little table with a sign that said “Free food for Hungry Wizard day. Out to Lunch. Take all you want.” The table was heaped with many types of yummy stuff, including cookies of all flavours and sizes. Yummy! I wondered if there really was a “Hungry Wizard day”. Probably. There was something else bugging me, though: Lunchtime had been 3 hours ago. Something felt kind of off here. I dismissed that thought, thinking whoever had put out this buffet here for Hungry Wizard day had probably set it up before lunch, then went to their Secondary School and forgot about it. Nothing weird about cookies. I picked one up. it looked, and smelled, delicious. It was a huge triple-chocolate chip cookie. One of my favourites. I was about to bite into the crumbly, chocolaty treat when I saw a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. It was only there for a second, and I had probably imagined it. But that didn’t stop me from instantly becoming paranoid. What I had seen was a flash of blue, with a hint of dark purple. The exact colours of Keira’s robe. I whirled around, watching for any other flash of movement that might alert me of Keira’s presence. I found none. I shrugged and took a gigantic bite out of the cookie. I stuffed it all into my mouth and swallowed. That was the moment when Keira teleported right in front of me.
“Hello, Elizabeth.” she said in a mock cheerful voice. “I hope you enjoyed that cookie! Because it might just be the last cookie you ever eat.” she smiled sadistically,then she teleported away. What did she mean?? The cookie–
Suddenly something caught my eye. It was a small slip of paper that I couldn’t believe I’d missed before. It said, in spidery writing, “Give my regards to the Manders! ~Keira. P.S. By the way, you should be losing consciousness right about… now.” What? Losing consciousness? And what was a Mander?– Suddenly my head started spinning. My vision blurred. I couldn’t feel my feet–
In my last fleeting moments of consciousness, I realized that the cookie had been poisoned. Keira had put the cookies there, knowing I would eat one. She was trying to murder me again. Or at least capture me–
Then the world started to fade. The next instant, I passed out.



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