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Chapter 3

–Wizard City–
Flay suddenly veered sharply upward. I saw that Ravenwood had many layers, levels. At the bottom of the world was a place with what looked like a large obsidian statue of a cat, while at the middle level was a very barren, snowy place with blizzards and creatures rampaging throughout it. At the very top was a wall around a gigantic area, with the unthinkably large tree at the very centre. The branches of this tree spread over the whole huge city, like an umbrella. Slightly downward from this place, there was a pond or lake of some sort. A waterfall created a rainbow as it gushed down next to a bridge. Flay saw me looking and said,
“That is called Rainbow Bridge. Pretty, is it not?” I nodded. My attention was suddenly drawn to an incredibly fancy house. There was a small tower attached to the home. A wall surrounded the manor, and at the very front was a wrought-iron gate with elaborate swirls worked into the metal.
“Whose house is that?”I asked curiously.
“Headmaster Merle Ambrose’s.” Flay gave me a look that told me I probably should have known who that was.
“Who’s he?”
“You are about to find out for yourself, for this is where I must leave you.”
“What? Will I ever see you again?” Flay was the only person I knew in this strange new place, which was pretty pathetic considering that he was a bird. But Flay just laughed and said,
“Once you are better acquainted here, if you ever find yourself in need of help, give me a call. It will take a few minutes to get there, so enjoy it while you can.” I decided to sit back and watch what was going on below us. I saw some tiny– were those people?— scurrying around on the ground. There must have been a costume party going on or something, because they were all wearing long robes, decorative hats, and carrying some sort of sticks in their hands. In fact, if I wasn’t mistaken, they all looked a lot like… Wizards. As we got closer and closer to the ground, people began ducking or getting out of our way as Flay’s talons skimmed the tops of trees. One boy dived out of the way, but another girl was not so lucky. Flay knocked her completely over, and she stared up in surprise.
“Who did that?” she seethed in an arrogant voice that told me she thought the world of herself. The girl glanced at Flay, then saw me. She shot me a look of pure venom as Flay flew past her and landed just in front of Merle Ambrose’s house. I hopped lightly off his feathery back, then gave the bird a hug.
“Bye, Flay…” Flay squawked in response and then flew away to who knew where, not looking back.
A couple of people saw me, then stopped in their tracks. They began whispering to each other. I caught only a few words,
“Flying… Sunbird… School?… I wonder…” They caught me staring and ceased their chatter. I gave them a look and they scuttled away.
People would occasionally walk by and give me odd looks. I decided that I wasn’t getting anywhere by standing outside some person’s house while people whispered about me behind my back, so I did the only logical thing: I walked up the path, grasped Merle Ambrose’s door handle, and slowly opened the door.



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