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Chapter 31

It had been three hours, and Ivan Soulsinger still hadn’t brought Malistaire’s spy to the Crown of Fire. Malistaire rapped his fingers impatiently on the cover of his novel. Malistaire had already finished reading the book in the time it took Soulsinger to find and fetch the girl, which was actually saying something, since Malistaire wasn’t exactly the world’s fastest reader. I’ll give him five more minutes, thought Malistaire, and then– Malistaire’s crystal ball suddenly began to flash rainbow. Ivan’s face shimmered into being on the surface of the enchanted sphere.
“Master. I’ve found her. I’m bringing her to the Crown of Fire as we speak. I’m sorry it took so long, I had to find her first, which is hard because she keeps changing disguises every few months, then make up an excuse to get her out of her dormitory room, and then escort her all the way to Dragonspyre without being seen.”
“It certainly took you long enough. Next time you take that long, I’m taking your tower away again,” grumbled Malistaire, but he didn’t mean it. He had a soft spot for Ivan, who was like the son he never had.
“S-sorry, Master,” mumbled Ivan. A few moments later he said, “We’re in the Dragonspyre Academy, or what’s left of it, now.”
“Okay, Soulsinger, hurry up…”
“We’re trying to, but the drake that takes us there is gone, remember?” Oops, Malistaire thought. The drake was starting to get smelly and tired, so Malistaire had sent it to a pet-grooming salon in Marleybone. Or, more specifically, gotten Ivan to do it for him, because Malistaire himself setting foot in Marleybone wouldn’t fly too well with the general population, who blamed him for stirring up trouble with the O’Leary gang. At any rate, the drake was gone, so Ivan and the girl couldn’t get to the Great Spyre.
“Fine, just teleport, I don’t care who sees you. Everyone around here is dead, anyway.” groaned Malistaire. He had forbidden Ivan Soulsinger and pretty much everyone else who was under his employ from teleporting anywhere. It attracted too much attention and could lead to the downfall of his plans.
“Are you sure, Master?”
“Of course I’m sure! Now teleport!” an instant later a loud Dingdong! resounded through the Great Spyre. It was the doorbell. Malistaire walked through the many doors and hallways and across the numerous bridges that littered his home. He finally arrived at the entrance and flung open the door. Ivan and the spy stood there. The teenage girl was wearing a black hood and cloak that obscured everything but her eyes. They were a bright hazel color. They were usually filled with warmth and cheeriness at Ravenwood, but when dealing with Malistaire and his henchmen, they became shrewd and calculating. Malistaire flung the door open. “Come in,” he said. The girl bowed to Malistaire and walked imperiously in. Ivan trailed behind her. They proceeded upward to the Crown of Fire. The cloaked girl said cooly,
“Why have you summoned me here, Master?” It was a simple question, but a loaded one.
“A student wizard has defeated Lord Nightshade. I know there is barely a chance at all of it happening, but she can potentially ruin my plans for the Spiral. Will you keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t cause any trouble for us?”
“Yes, Master. But which wizard is she?”
“Elizabeth Iceblossom.” the mysterious girl gasped at this, but quickly stifled it. Her cold demeanor was momentarily gone, but she regained her composure in a matter of seconds. The small lapse in her security didn’t go unnoticed by Malistaire, who said sleekly,
“Is there a problem here?”
“No.” she said firmly.
“Then you are dismissed.”
“Yes Master.” the spy turned and left the room, but before she entered the Great Spyre again, the fabric in her hood got caught on one of the talons of the Dragon Titan. The hood ripped and fell off. She wrapped it back around her head quickly, but for a split second, the rest of her features had been revealed.
Malistaire’s prize spy…
Was Mindy Fireflower.



1. Fellarina - August 10, 2010

omg i thought it would be jordan…

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