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Chapter 35

Malistaire’s crystal ball flashed rainbow, shooting light all over the walls of the Crown of Fire.
“Yes, yes, who is it?” he snapped at the magical sphere. Malistaire had been getting calls on the crystal ball all day, some from Ivan Soulsinger, reporting the activity on Ambrose and his student wizards, some prank calls from particularly idiotic draconians, and even Girl Scouts from Mooshu, trying to sell him cookies. The nerve! Malistaire didn’t even like cookies. Or Girl Scouts, for that matter. He really hoped this call was something important, because if it wasn’t, he was going to feed the crystal ball to the Dragon Titan.
“It’s me, Master,” said Mindy Fireflower, the spy. At least, Malistaire was pretty sure it was her. He could never really tell when she didn’t have the hood on; her hair kept changing length and color to keep up her disguise of a harmless wizard student at Ravenwood.
“What do you have to report?” Malistaire demanded.
“Well, Master, Elizabeth Iceblossom, she–” Mindy broke off abruptly.
“She what?
“She… is… She’s in Krokotopia.”
WHAT? This will mess up my plans! She could eliminate the Kroks and Krokopatra, and steal the Krokonomicon, plus we can’t spy on her! How on Earth did she get to Krokotopia, Fireflower? Answer me!
“Well, I’m not really sure, but–”
“Oh, some spy you are! I’m going to quit paying you, I’m– Arrrghhh!” Malistaire quit yelling at Mindy to make an aggravated roaring noise. He was never good at controlling his temper, and that particular fact had resulted in the destruction of several worlds.
“I’m not quite sure, Master,” said Mindy, struggling so stay controlled, and not quake in fear at Malistaire’s outburst, “Classes were over, so no one was at Ravenwood, and she went on a walk, I think, and then, I don’t really know, Master. Since it wasn’t you or anyone working for you, the only other enemy Elizabeth has is Keira Iceheart, the renegade Ice student who wants her dead.” Malistaire’s anger seemed to evaporate. He said,
“So someone else wants her dead… I wonder…” Mindy stayed quiet, not wishing to get yelled at. “We should get Keira Iceheart to join us. We could be more powerful with another wizard on our side, especially one who has the same enemy.” Mindy gaped in disbelief.
“But Keira’s a jerk! She’s obnoxious! And she’s only level 16!” Malistaire dismissed this with a wave of his hand.
“But where is she?” he wondered aloud. “She could be in any world…”
“She usually tries to kill Elizabeth a lot, so chances are, wherever Elizabeth is, Keira is.”
“But I would arouse too much suspicion going to Krokotopia, and so would you…”
“So does this mean we don’t need Keira on our side, Master?” Mindy asked hopefully.
“No, it means that I just have to use my crystal ball to search Krokotopia for her.” snapped Malistaire. Mindy looked disappointed.
“Well, also, Elizabeth said that she’s going to try and get back to Ravenwood as soon as possible, so she probably won’t ruin your plans for the Spiral,” Mindy said.
“That’s good. Keep an eye out for Elizabeth if she returns to Ravenwood. Now, hang up, I’m tired of talking to people through the crystal ball, draconians and Girl Scouts keep calling me.” Mindy stifled a giggle, wondering why on Earth Girl Scouts would call Malistaire. Then she hung up.



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