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Chapter 39

Autumn Ghostrider gazed despondently out her tower window, her long, wavy brown hair waving in the wind. She was greeted with the same sight as always: nothingness. The tower was located on a small floating island somewhere off the edge of Dragonspyre. Autumn wasn’t there by choice, but she had no way of escaping: her father had sealed the tower by magic. Autumn was pretty sure that she had the worst dad in the Spiral. Autumn loved her dad, but he wasn’t that popular with other people. Whenever she told them who she was related to, they ran off screaming. He had been a powerful and respectable wizard in years past, but now was widely feared and hated. Autumn’s mother, on the other hand, had made friends wherever she went, but she had died when her daughter was only six, and twelve-year-old Autumn barely remembered her. Her mom’s name had been Sylvia Drake. Her father’s name… Was Malistaire. Autumn’s real last name was Drake, but people jumped to conclusions when they heard it, so she picked a fake surname to introduce herself with. She didn’t have to use it often, because Malistaire kept her locked in the tower most of the time. He insisted that it was because Autumn was all he had left of Sylvia and he didn’t want anything to happen to her, but Autumn felt that the true reason was that she reminded her father too painfully of his wife. Autumn had pretty much everything she could ever want: books, a laptop, expensive designer Dragonspyrrian robes and shoes, a pet danger hound. Everything except free access to the outside world. Her most frequent pastime was staring wistfully out the window, but other than that, she was usually found on her computer. She had a blog called “the Daily Drake” which she used to keep in touch with her best friend, Mark Ghostrider. They had known each other since they were both very little. Before Malistaire had moved into the Crown of Fire, he and Sylvia had owned a small house in Dragonspyre. The Drakes and the Ghostriders had been neighbors, but when Sylvia died, Malistaire went beserk, sealing himself and his daughter off from most of the outside world. Autumn still talked to Mark over the internet, but she hadn’t seen him in person in years. Autumn had two dreams: to escape from the tower she was imprisoned in, and to become a wizard in Ravenwood. Mark, who was a year older than Autumn, was a Fire wizard by now, but by the time Autumn came of age, she had been sealed in the tower. Malistaire didn’t want her to become a wizard, and Autumn couldn’t imagine why. All she knew was that she wanted to become a wizard. She knew that not everyone had the potential to become a student at Ravenwood, but her parents had been some of the most famous (or infamous, in Malistaire’s case,) wizards in history. Autumn sighed and tore herself away from the window. She sat down in front of the laptop and pressed the “On” button. The computer shirred to life. Autumn entered her password and double-clicked a shortcut she had on her desktop. Her blog immediately opened in her web browser. She had a new comment waiting. It was from Mark, and it said, “I wish your dad would let you out of that tower; you’d love Ravenwood. I wish there was something I could do to get you out of there…” Suddenly Autumn was struck with an idea. She clicked the “Reply” button, hesitated, then typed, “Maybe there is.” she waited a few moments. Mark wrote back, “How?” Autumn replied, “I’ll need you to get me a few things. Can you do that?” she quickly compiled a list of necessary items that Mark could fly to her on his pet dragon. Mark confirmed that he could get her whatever she needed. She smiled for the first time in six years, and moved her chair so that it was directly in front of the window. She anxiously began staring outside again, waiting for her best friend to arrive on his dragon. She hoped against hope that Malistaire wouldn’t notice or find out. Autumn said to herself, “There is no way I’m staying in this tower any longer.” She grabbed Friskies, her danger hound she had named at age seven, and petted him absently as she fixated on the purple Dragonspyre sky, watching for any sign of her escape.



1. brry3321 - October 26, 2010

This story is addictive. 8D

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