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Chapter 4

–Wizard City–
I nervously eased the door open. I began wondering what Merle Ambrose would be like. A snobbish rich guy? A hobo? A Cyclops? But when I stepped inside, I saw that all Merle was was a wise, grandfatherly-looking man. He was dressed in deep purple shoes and robes with stars and moons spangled all across them. His ridiculously tall hat had a slightly worn, crooked look to it. It bent sharply at the top. Merle’s snow-white hair and beard fell to his elbows, while a monocle of some kind covered his left eye. I walked in far enough to see that the whole room was covered in books: Books piled on the floor, books stacked on tables, books filed on bookshelves. Merle apparently liked to read even more than Emily. I tentatively said,
“Um… Hi!” Then I realized too late that there was someone else in the room. I had been too focused on Merle to see that he was talking to a girl with long, straight, icy blue hair. She whirled around, and I saw that it was the very same girl who Flay had knocked over. She glared at me for a few seconds, then asked Merle in a cold voice,
“Who’s that?” Her piercing hazel eyes bored holes into my doe-brown ones. Merle glanced at me, then returned to the unpleasant girl. He replied,
“I really don’t know, Keira. But since our discussion is finished, I think you had better leave.” the girl, who I now knew was named Keira, shot me one last scowl as she strutted out the door, slamming it behind her. There was an uncomfortable silence in the room until Merle broke it by saying,
“I apologize for that. That was Keira IceHeart, one of my most… difficult… students. But, who are you?” I was just deciding how to answer that when I noticed a crystal ball on a spindly stand. I would have ignored it, except that it was flashing a rainbow assortment of colours. First neon blue, then lime green, next laser red. I gestured towards it.
“Um, your crystal ball thing, it’s um…”
“Oh. Hang on a moment, I have to check this…” I nodded as Merle Ambrose walked over to the crystal ball and muttered something in what sounded like old Latin. The colours dissolved, replaced by a crystal-clear image of…
“Flay!” I cried. Merle gave me an incredulous look while Flay began talking, as if the crystal ball were a cell phone. He said something like,
“Merle. This is the one we have been watching. She shows signs already, even at this early age. I am sure that she is one.”
“‘One’ what?” I demanded. Flay looked me straight in the eyes and said,
“A wizard.”
“A wizard? I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m not a wizard! I’m an orphan who really likes cookies and is unnaturally good at archery!”
“I’ll speak with you later,” Merle said to Flay. “I think I need to inform this young wizard what is going on.” The crystal ball turned jet black, and Merle turned his attention toward me.
“He must have really thought you have potential, you know,” he said quietly. “No other wizard I have taught has gotten a Sunbird to tell them their real name. A Sunbird’s name is a secret, told to no one but a select few.”
“What’s with all this wizard stuff? Like I said, I can’t be a wizard! I’m just an orphan girl!”
“All wizards have parents, but it is extremely rare for them to actually know their parents.” Said the old man gently.
“How do you know I’m a wizard?” I shot back.
“Because I’m a wizard, and I know another when I meet one. In fact, I am the Headmaster of Ravenwood, a very famous wizard school.” So that was what Ravenwood was! It suddenly occurred to me why Merle was wearing astral-patterned wizard robes.
Prove it! Prove that I am a wizard!”
Merle started asking me all sorts of questions about myself: How good was I at archery? What was my name? My favourite gemstone? And much more.
After this quiz was over, he declared,
“I knew it all along. Elizabeth, my friend, I think I know something you might not.”
“I know who one of your parents is. You are the daughter of Apollo, the Sun god, Lord of Light, God of Archery.” That explained the archery and my sun bracelet, but it was still pretty hard to believe. He didn’t give me any time to freak out about this, simply finishing with,”All wizards have a specific element, or School, of magic that they specialize in. There is no exact school for a unique young wizard like you, but the very closest we can get… Is Fire. Now let me show you to your dorm…”
He handed me a set of wizard robes, a pointy hat, and some silly-looking shoes. And just like that, I was a daughter of Apollo, a wizard, and, most importantly, no longer a misfit is this world of magic. I ran to keep up with Merle, not wanting to miss anything.



1. Fellarina - August 10, 2010

do you read percy jackson its the BEST BOOK SERIES EVER

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