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Chapter 5

Wizard City–
I followed Headmaster Ambrose, (that was how he’d told me to address him from now on), to one of the two doors in the main room in his house. But, it was not the same door I’d come in through.
“Um… Mer– I mean, Headmaster Ambrose, why are we going this way? I came in through the other door, and–”
“I know what I’m doing, Elizabeth, I just want you to meet someone.”
“Oh,” I said, reassured. Headmaster Ambrose pushed open the door, and led me into a dark room, also overstuffed with books, along with broken crystal balls, candles, and oddly-shaped skulls. But that wasn’t what caught my attention: In the center of the room, magically suspended in mid air, was a slowly swirling spiral of ever-changing colours, with what appeared to be miniature models of floating chunks of land similar to the one I was on currently. Headmaster Ambrose had told me that this world was called Wizard City. I held out my hand to touch one of the worlds, a lava-filled one with a volcano crowned by a giant dragon. It slipped right through my fingers, and my hand felt slightly scorched.
“Careful, young wizard, those can be dangerous. Size doesn’t matter, these are enchanted models of the worlds of the Spiral. Someday, you might even visit some of these worlds.” said Headmaster Ambrose. I nodded in understanding. At that moment, I saw something I had not seen before: A hand-carved wooden perch with the Ravenwood banner resting on it. Atop this perch sat a beady-eyed, and slightly plump, owl. The only odd thing about it was that it was wearing clothes: A purple scarf with the same astral pattern as Headmaster Ambrose’s outfit, some small round spectacles, and a graduation cap. This made me laugh, until the owl asked,
“And whoooo might this be, Merle?” I felt a slight twinge of jealousy that this owl got to address Headmaster Ambrose by his first name while I did not, but I ignored it. Headmaster Ambrose replied,
“Gamma, meet my newest pupil, Elizabeth Iceblossom. Elizabeth, meet my–” He looked to Gamma for permission, “My… Pet, Gamma, if I may.” Gamma trilled in a soft, rather high-pitched voice,
“I am delighted to meet youuuu.”
“Uh– Me too, Gamma.”
Headmaster Ambrose said to me,
“Gamma is very knowledgeable about the worlds of the Spiral, so if you ever have any questions, you can just ask him.”
“Okay. I’ll be sure to do that.” If it was possible for an owl to smile, I swear Gamma was doing so right now.
“I hope I will see youuuu later, Elizabeth,” said Gamma. I gave him a salute as the Headmaster and I walked out the tower door. We emerged into the bright sunlight of… Whatever this place was called.
“This is the Commons,” said Merle, answering my question before I could ask it. There are many other wizards here who you could make friends with. Or, knowing wizards today, enemies with.” He led me up a small slope, to a carnival-like place with a carousel and several large tents. “And this is the Fairegrounds… If you are in need of Mana, or Magical Energy, then you should come here. And here is the Library…” He proceeded to show me several different areas in the Commons, including Rainbow Bridge, which Flay had shown me, Golem Tower, which, in the words of the Headmaster, was “Something of a challenge.” Finally I followed him through a dark tunnel, which had a sign that said “Ravenwood” directly above it. It was pitch-black in the tunnel, and I suppressed a shudder. Just as I was about to start panicking, the darkness faded and gave way to a pathway lit by bright sunlight. We followed it. It lead to a plaza area with six different symbols around a spiral were engraved into the stone. There was a cloud with a lightning bolt, an elaborate snowflake, a green leaf, what looked like a small pyramid with an eye in the middle, a creepy skull, and, finally, a red flame. The skull was cracked. Headmaster Ambrose saw me looking and said,
“Those are the symbols for six of the seven Schools: Life, Myth, Ice, Death, Storm, and yours, Fire.”
“What’s the seventh? Why isn’t it on here?”
“That would be the school of Balance. It is in a secret location in a faraway world. We have an Balance instructor here, although he only teaches about half of the Balance spells. We need to find a dormitory for you, Elizabeth… A few wizards have their own dorm, but most have to share with one or more room mates… We will need to find someone who will accept a room mate.” I know Merle didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, but that statement made me feel like no one wanted me. Headmaster Ambrose continued, “While we arrange a dormitory for you, you may tour the schools, if you wish. Each wizard, along with their main school, may choose a secondary school to learn spells from. See you soon, I hope, Elizabeth.” He vanished in a shower of sparks, leaving me on my own to explore Ravenwood.



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