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Chapter 7

–Wizard City–
I followed Jenna out the door of the Storm School. She began explaining about the different Schools.
“Each School has an enchanted, living tree. They help you with certain things sometimes. Like, if you need something to be frozen, you should probably talk to Kelvin, the Ice tree. In fact, you can meet Kelvin right now, if you want to. He’s right over there.” She gestured towards a smiling, kindly-looking old pine tree. A branch stuck out like a nose. Icicles clung to Kelvin’s branches. I was never going to get used to this whole talking tree thing. I walked up to Kelvin, and said,
“Hello. My name’s Elizabeth. I’m new here at Ravenwood.” I didn’t mention that I was a Fire wizard, not wanting to make Kelvin dislike me. Ice wizards probably didn’t like Fire wizards.
“Hello, Elizabeth. I’m the Ice Tree, Kelvin. Welcome to Ravenwood. Professor Lydia Greyrose, the Ice Magic teacher, is inside the Ice School. It was nice to make your acquaintance.”
“Bye, Kelvin!” I said as I dashed inside the Ice School. The Ice School looked just like the Storm School, only instead of bright yellow lightning bolts, the wallpaper featured a mellow blue background with intricate white snowflakes speckled all over it. There were icicles hanging from the ceiling. I stepped forward a little to avoid getting speared it the cluster of icicles happened to fall. A sweet voice said,
“Welcome to the School of Ice Magic, Dearie! I am the Ice professor, Ms. Lydia Greyrose. I can see that you are a new wizard, or you’d be wearing your robes.” I glanced down at the bundle of wizard clothing still in my hands, then around the room to see who had spoken. I saw Professor Greyrose. She looked just like you’d imagine Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother: Tiny, friendly, gray-haired, and slightly plump. She smiled and flew down across the room to shake my hand. I saw that she had a tiny pair of iridescent, ice-blue dragonfly wings attached to her back. She said,
“Well, you’d better be on your way, Dearie. Come back soon and I can teach you some Ice spells! Do you have someone to show you where the other Schools are?”
“Yes.” I gestured at Jenna, who was standing in the doorway. She waved. I trotted out the door, eager to see the rest of the schools. Once we were out of earshot of Professor Greyrose, I asked Jenna, “She’s pretty nice, but do we really get spells?”
She laughed. “Of course, silly! That’s what being a wizard is all about! You get more powerful spells as you become a more experienced wizard. Here, let’s see your School: The Fire School. Bernie, the Fire Tree, is right over there. You’ll get to know your School Tree better as you become more advanced. I won’t introduce you to Bernie right now, but you’ll meet him eventually.” We walked through the doors of the Fire School, which, I noticed had scorch marks on them. Inside, at a desk, sat a tall, elegantly dressed woman. My teacher. Her flamboyant orange hair was swirled up so that it looked like a flame, and fire seemed to dance across her dress. My teacher had confident reddish-brown eyes, and wore a ruby-red ring on each hand. Her ears were slightly pointed. She said,
“I can sense that you, my friend, are a beginning Pyromancer.”
“A what?” I said, confused. She laughed, amused.
“A Pyromancer. That is a Fire wizard. An Ice wizard is a Thaumaturge, a Storm wizard, like your friend over there, is a Diviner.”
“Oh. Yeah, I’m a, uh, Pyree… Pie… Pay…”
“A Pyromancer. I am Professor Dalia Falmea. I have been a teacher here at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts for a very long time. Would you like to learn your first spell?” I nodded eagerly. How did you teach someone a spell? I was slightly disappointed when she simply handed me a card, the shape and size of a playing card. The only difference was that this one had a picture of what appeared to be a flaming cat of some sort. It had some numbers and symbols on it that I didn’t understand. it said “80-120” and then had a picture of a flame and a fist.
“How do I cast it?”
“An eager student, I see. You will make a good Pyromancer. Try casting it! Just say, ‘Summon Firecat!’ and toss the card on the ground.” I did as she said. Before long, the air grew warm, and a Firecat appeared. It breathed fire at the wall, then vanished with a whirl of flames. I had just cast a spell!!



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