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Chapter 8

Wizard City–
Professor Falmea told me that I had better be on my way, because I still had three more Schools to visit, but not before showing me what everything on the spell card meant.
“That’s the accuracy– or the percentage chance it has of working–, that shows that it is an Attack spell, and this is the damage it will deal to your enemy. Now run along, Elizabeth, and meet the rest of your teachers. You still have a secondary School to chose! Malorn Ashthorn is over that way.” Professor Falmea pointed to her right.
“Thanks!” I called as Jenna and I walked out the doors. Then I thought of something. “Wait… Jenna, who’s Malorn Ashthorn?”
“He teaches Death spells. Malorn was one of Professor Malistaire’s best students before… Well, I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it.” Before long, we found Malorn Ashthorn. He was just a student wizard, like me or Jenna. But, I noticed, he had fancier clothes than most wizards. They were all black, the same color as his hair, with gray trim. Skulls and some sort of Death symbol that resembled a skull were scattered all over his outfit. Behind him was a gaping chasm. Stray land chunks floated around, and a few of Bartleby’s roots protruded into oblivion.
“I’m Malorn Ashthorn, the Death… Well, I can’t exactly call myself a teacher… Uh, the Death trainer. Sometime, if you’re up for it, I can teach you some Death spells, or Necromancy.” I nodded, and Jenna told me,
“The next School is the Myth School. The teacher, Cyrus Drake… well… Um, heads up, you won’t get as warm a welcome as you did from the other Schools.”
“Thanks for the tip.” I wondered why not, but decided not to push. We walked through the doors, and the first thing I saw was a tall, ugly bald man wearing a yellow robe which looked, frankly, a lot like a dress. A key dangled from the belt of the robe. The man’s face was set in a permanent scowl, and his piercing dark turquoise eyes glared at us. At first I thought he was glaring at Jenna because she was Storm, the opposite of Myth, but then he said,
“I take it you are a new student. If so, then would you please stop wasting my time with trivial matters like this? Yes, I am the Myth teacher. You students! I don’t even know why I bother to teach you. Nothing ever sinks into your little minds… I need to start locking the doors…” Wow! What did we do to him? I ran out the door with Jenna trailing behind me. We ran right past the Myth Tree, who I found out later was named Ivan, and into the School of Life. By this time, I was not even surprised that the Life Professor was a cow with a fan in a silky kimono. Her name was Professor Moolinda Wu, according to a magical self-erasing chalkboard behind her. She said sympathetically in a calm, reassuring voice,
“You are a new student running from Professor Drake, right? Oh, this happens a lot. I do not see why he has to be so cruel… That is the opposite of Life Magic. Life wizards are caring and friendly…” she sighed. “Well, anyway, Life has something that no other school has: The power to heal! If you learn Life spells, you can help other wizards in need. I hope I will see you soon, young wizard…” she flicked her tail and mooed. That was the moment when Headmaster Merle Ambrose came bursting through the doors.
“Elizabeth,” he panted, “We have arranged a dormitory for you! You have a room mate–” he mumbled something unintelligible– “And we hope you enjoy it! Your dorm is one of our nicest, room number 306. You can go see at your earliest convenience. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Ravenwood!” And with that, he vanished



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