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Chapter 9

Wizard City–
“Where are the dorms?” I asked Jenna. She indicated a building so extremely tall that I had no idea how I could have missed it. The building had several towers attached to it. The only strange thing about it was that it had a high number of windows, but no doors. I pointed this out to Jenna.
“But– there are no doors! How are we supposed to get in?” Jenna said,
“You have to teleport.” I groaned inwardly. Great. Would I ever be able to fit in here? How was I supposed to teleport into my dorm room?!
“Uh… How?” Jenna looked surprised for a second, then said,
“Oh… I forgot you’re new here. You just kind of… Visualize where you want to go, close your eyes, take a step forward, and… Yeah. It was nice meeting you, Elizabeth!”
“It was nice meeting you, too!”I replied. Then Jenna teleported away– or at least I assume she teleported. I wouldn’t really know.
I decided that I had to at least try to teleport… Otherwise I was sleeping out here under talking trees. Which I was not looking forward to. So I thought of the sprawling dormitory complex, thought of the number, took a step forward, and Ravenwood faded around me. I had a sense of nothingness, and the faint sensation of being squeezed through a very tight tube. I could hardly breathe now. Was I going to live? Was I…
Suddenly things started appearing around me. I was suddenly in a hallway with purple astral wallpaper just like the Headmaster’s robes, and a simple checkered floor with a long blue rug stretching down the corridor. Paintings and small enchanted wall scones lined the wall. One picture was a black-and-white photo of a camp in a desert, with a sandstorm in the background, another was a portrait of a lynx gazing upward at some floating orbs, yet another was a chimpanzee dressed in an outfit that made him look like Napoleon. There was a small table with books and magazines scattered across it, with two armchairs near a window, and a drinking fountain for thirsty wizards. The very last thing to appear in the hallway was a door. A small plaque next to it read, “Room 306“. A handle appeared on the door. I knocked nervously and it swung open. I wondered what my new room mate would be like. I hoped she was nice. I knew that in most dormitories back where I lived, girls had girls for room mates, and boys stayed with boys. I hoped that was true here, because I did not wont some guy as a room mate. But it turned out that, although my room mate was a girl, she was the absolute last person I had expected.
“Hi… I’m your new room mate… is anyone here?” I called. There was no one at the door, and I realized that the it had probably been opened using magic.
“Yes, there’s someone here… Hello,” said an oddly familiar voice. It wasn’t Jenna, but I hadn’t met anyone here besides Jenna… And Keira Iceheart. But it wasn’t Keira’s voice either, thankfully…
A girl came to the door. She was about my age, judging by her height, but her face was hidden by the shadow of a wizard hat. It was different from my novice hat, though. The style made me think of leprechauns, although it was black with pink trim. It also reminded me of old England, somehow. So did the rest of her outfit, a robe with a high collar and a belt that flared out at the waist, and elegant high-heeled boots, both of them also pink and black. My room mate stepped into the light of a wall lamp, and I saw that she was someone I knew: Jordan!
“Jordan! It’s you!” I shrieked, and hugged her.
“Elizabeth? I didn’t know that you were the new wizard! Everyone is talking about you!” I saw that she had a wand in her hand. It emitted a small shower of sparks, which scorched the carpet. She waved her wand, and the sparks vanished. “Come on, I’ll show you inside. Welcome to your new dorm!” she continued. I walked inside with a feeling that my stay in Ravenwood just got a whole lot better.



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