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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ravenwood – First Day

I woke up screaming and sweaty. I had that dream again; I’ve been having it a lot lately.
My door opened and mom came rushing in. “Tabitha are you ok? I heard you screaming”

“Yeah…I just had that dream again. The one where I’m in a tower, and there are those two people who snuck me out on a broom.” I replied “I keep thinking I know them. Is that strange?”

She reacted like she always did, have a worried look, patted me on my back, kiss my forehead and told me not to worry about it. I decided I wouldn’t worry about it, I mean after all; it’s my first day at Ravenwood.

Bolting out of bed, I pushed my mom out of the room and got dressed for the day. I put my long blond hair in a high pony tail and put my long novice white and grey dress, hat and boots that everyone is required to wear on their first day. I walked over to the kitchen and took a slice of Moon Pie, my favorite of all time food.

“Tabby!! Are you awake yet?” Jenna said from down stairs.

“Up here!!” I yelled

Soon the door to the house upstairs opened and Jenny came running in grabbing my arm. “Come on! We’re going to be late!”

“You can wait, I’m eating my pie!” I sat back down and took a bite.

“School is more important than pie, now come on!!” She yanked at my arm again and pulled out down stairs, out of the house, through the tunnel from Shopping District, to the commons .

“Aren’t you excited!?”

“I would be more if I had a full belly.” I glared with a smile.

“I’m sure they’ll have snacks there! Stop pouting, we’re almost there”

She was right, by the time we were done talking, we finally were standing in front of the biggest tree in the Spiral. I took in the entire area, it had trees with faces, one was even on fire!! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Some higher level wizards walked by. “Aww…look at their faces, I remember my first time walking into Ravenwood. Good luck with the test!!” They waved and walked off into the tunnel.

“Oh man, I forgot about the test!!” Jenna said

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine! I mean its not that hard” I quickly looked away. Truth is, I hear it is hard, really hard. But how was I supposed to tell her that? Shes already freaking out as it is…

A poof of smoke appeared in front of the center tree and an old man appeared with a long white beard, wearing a long blue robe covered in stars and a tall pointy hat. We new him as Headmaster Ambrose.
“Welcome to Ravenwood School of Magic! Please gather around and listen carefully. The test begins in half an hour. There are 7 schools, so you need to separate into 7 groups.”

All the novice wizard started rushing over to the different school buildings, I got pushed in with a crowd of kids heading to the Myth school, while Jenna ran to the Life.

“Now, a school is already chosen for you at birth. So you need to test out all the schools to see which one is right for you! This test will take all day, so be careful, be safe, and…BEGIN!” In another puff of smoke, the Head Master was gone.

Everyone was rushing inside the school house they were in front of. I sat down in the far back, wishing not to be noticed. The room soon filled with chatter. I look around, the walls were yellow, there were shield looking things in between the windows, and a big cauldron in the front right of the room. Not too bad… the room could be worse-

A tall lanky man, dress in a long yellow robe that matched the walls walked out to the front of the class, out of what seemed nowhere. Soon the room fell silent.The man shook his head in frustration “I wish they would send me some adept pupils for once… Well if you wish to attempt to learn Myth spells, I’m Professor Drake. Myth is imagination. The power of mind, and everything it can create drives the Myth arts. It is illusion, dreams made real. If you can conceive it, you can bring it forth, bring it to life.”

Professor Drake points his wand to the Chalk Board. A piece of chalk lifts into the air and draws a triangle onto chalk board along with an eye in the center. “This is the Myth School’s symbol, only a few of you will be able to summon a Blood Bat, if you’re lucky. Now you, on the first row come up here.”

The small girl (who turned out to be Danielle my neighbor) walked up to the front of the class, picked up the wand from the Professor and tried to summon the Blood Bat, but it just turned to dust.

Drake turned his head up and scoffed “You may try again, but if it doesn’t work, you are not meant for Myth.”

She tried one more times, it turned to dust again. “I’m more than happy to not be a Myth student Professor Rude!” And with that she walked out of the class.

The whole room went silent.

After an hour, only I was left (along with 6 now Myth Students). I slowly rose from my chair and walked up to the front of the room and picked up the wand, my hand shaking. I took a deep breath, drew the triangle, next the eye, but nothing happened. No fizzle, no blood bat, absolutely nothing. I was shocked. I looked at the other 6 students who were beginning to snicker. I gulped and tried again, and nothing. I looked behind me at Professor Drake, I think he was more shocked than I was.



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