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Chapter 10

Tome of the Beguiler

A portal opens up dropping Sabrina and her friends, Sarah, and her new companion: Sarah II beneath it. The children were now in the dark, dusty antechamber of the Tomb of Storms. The roaring of thunder echoed throughout the entire structure and rainwater seeped between the cracks of the brick walls. A vast number of spider webs spread around in every corner.
“Spooky…my kind of place,” says the fascinated Kevin ShadowShade. He was about to wander off until Sarah II pulled him back with the group. “Don’t go running off! We got work to do,” she directed to the children.
Sarah II located where the Beguiler’s tomb stood and broke down the wooden barriers to gain entry. The AYT and Sarah followed the ninja through a narrow hallway into a chamber. Sarah II investigated the area, then allowed the Wizards to move into the room.
Sabrina caught up beside Sarah II. “So, what is that ‘tome’ that you need so bad?” she asked.
“The item is the Tome of the Beguiler.”
“What’s so special about it?” Sierra said from behind.
“It’s a legendary ancient spellbook, written by a royal overseer named Ku’Ayluhm. The Krok was a cruel servant to Storm pharaohs: he held severe punishment to slacking Manders and used them to experiment with his own incantations.
“One night, Ku’ Ayluhm desired power and yearned to create stronger spells. He began to write and test the spells from a spellbook he kept. Ku’Ayluhm was successful in making a beguile spell that could enchant the entire Mander slaves in the palace. Along with the other spells that were also productive, he wrote them into his book and established it as the Tome of the Beguiler. He even changed his name to Ku’Ayluhm the Beguiler from the Overseer.
“Sometime later, the pharaohs have heard of the Beguiler’s growing ambition and threw him out of the palace. Angry, the Beguiler cursed the kings by charming their slaves and ordered them to attack. The rampage spread on into the slaves from the Ice and Fire kingdoms, Ku’ Ayluhm learned that the Beguile spell was epidemic.
“A fight broke out between the opposing Manders, they all fought one another of their kin. By the time daylight came, it was a massacre. Most of the Manders were killed, several hundreds of them survived though injured.
“Seeing the control he had over the Manders, the Beguiler decided on trying to overthrow the entire palaces in Krokotopia. He readied to use his augmented Doom and Gloom spell, but he was stopped by the members of the Order of the Fang. He was arrested for the disorder and mistreat of the Manders and was stripped from his tome. Ku’Alyuhm was sentenced to be mummified alive and his book hidden in a chamber deep beneath the Tomb of Storms…where it shall not be found again.
“The Tome of the Beguiler held many scripts of advanced Death spells and other destructive sorts of magic, most were enough to devastate an entire world. The Fang made sure that the book would not get into the wrong hands of the most ambitious of people.
“Now, we have to be the first people to get the Tome before anyone else does. In my time, my rival got it earlier than I did.”
Sarah II felt a slight clicking sound beneath her boot, the tile had pressed down. The hallway began to rumble as sand fell from the ceiling. Everyone looked back…a giant boulder was behind them! “Run!
The Wizards dashed on while the boulder is gaining on them, many obstacles were in the way, the ninja could jump them as the others stumbled over them. Sierra incidentally tripped and fell onto her stomach, Sarah stopped to help her sister. She was too heavy to handle at the moment, therefore she summoned a Cyclops to carry her. In moments, the exit was finally spotted and the children ran through the opening…but pulled themselves back.
It was a dead end to a large abyss, off to the side was a short ledge that was about only six inches wide. Despite the small measurement and risk of falling off, Sarah II directed the Wizards onto the ledge escaping from the incoming boulder. It tumbled down into the abyss in the never-ending darkness below.
Sabrina sighed in relief, “Phew, that was a close one.” Her friends nodded with her statement and followed Sarah II sidle along the ledge. The children sidled slowly so that they would take the time to see where their feet are resting. Unfortunately for Sarah, she was shaking and had the struggle to move. There was barely any room; her foot accidentally pushed Kevin’s leg off the ledge, luckily, Sarah had caught hold of Kevin before he would fall. Sarah apologized, but all Kevin did was glare than to thank her.
At last, the group made a turn to land where a wall stood. Sarah II scratched her head, “That’s odd. I know there was supposed to be a doorway somewhere.” The ninja pondered around, Kevin’s pet dragon, Lord Shadow, launched from his owner’s shoulders to go on its own exploration. He flew around and landed on some vines hanging off the wall. Lord Shadow’s weight pulled the vines down and ripped apart, a secret passageway revealed to the Wizards. “Oh, there it is,” Sarah II said.
The passageway led the group down to the Beguiler’s chamber. Beetles crawled all over and spider webs wreathed throughout the room. The children wandered in the chamber viewing the decaying plunder laid on the ground and shelves. Everybody suddenly became disturbed by a growling voice. “Who dares enter the Beguiler’s tomb?”
The torches around the room came to life, and revealed the specter. The voice belonged to a blanched, ancient Krok named Ya’Melarnx, the keeper and protector of the Beguiler’s tome.
Sarah II put on her respectful tone on and bowed to Ya’Melarnx. “Sir, don’t be alarmed. We’re only here to get the tome.” Knowingly, she received a negative response.
“Foolish child, no one gets the Tome! You will have to get past me for it!”
Sierra laughed, “You and what army?”
The standing sarcophaguses at the sides of the room shook, the doors shifted. A horde of mummies shuffled out and gathered by Ya’Melarnx. “You were saying?” Ya’Melarnx grinned.
Me and my big mouth, Sierra thought angrily to herself.
“Guards! Rid these tomb raiders from here, I don’t want a single one of them to escape alive!” The Krokomummies dragged themselves crowding up around the Wizards. They pulled out their wands.
“Are we supposed to fight them?” Kevin questioned Sarah II.
“Duh.” The ninja jumped at the mummies in front of her and began quarrying the monsters. The Wizards fought back after her.
Sabrina RedHunter casted a Sunbird and a Firecat in which both caused the mummies’ bandages to catch fire and, within seconds, disintegrated them. Sabrina missed one of the guards who happened to grab hold of her from behind, groaning in her ear. Kevin happened to notice and used his new spell, the Kraken, to tackle the mummy away from Sabrina. Sierra and Sarah held up the rest of the guards, summoning a Blizzard spell and a Humongofrog. After their assault, none of the Krokomummies stood.
Sarah II cornered the Tome Keeper against a wall, shaking, yet firm. “The tome shall not be put to the wrong hands,” he growled. Sarah II held her sword at his face, “Blinding Light!” she said. A bright light bursts into the Krok’s eyes; the Tome Keeper screamed in pain until later, the light subsided. He opened his eyes once again to find the intruders gone…and the vault to the tome, opened. Ya’Melarnx’s face whitened, “The Beguiler’s tome! It’s gone! I must tell the Wise at once!”

Sarah II laid out the Krokotopian lockbox, the tome key, and the Tome of the Beguiler on the dining table. The book was large and covered in an old, dusty leather cloth—in which Kevin kept on reaching to unwrap it, though the ninja slapped his hand whenever he tried. The ninja was worrisome near the cursed book, its presence made the hairs in the back of her neck stand up. She took a deep breath, counted a few seconds, then came to her senses.
Sarah II read through her list as she examined the items. “Alright, we got the tome, its key, and the lockbox…that’s all we need.”
Sabrina clapped, “Cool, so what’s next?”
“Are we going to destroy the tome now?” Sierra moaned, tired out from their recent adventure.
“Yeah, all we have to do now is to take the–”
The balcony window suddenly shatters by an unknown source, the glass spilled the upon the children. Sarah BattleThief ran up the stairs to find out what happened, Midnight raced ahead of her. The Heckhound stopped on the floor and growled, Sarah looked up…and screamed.



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