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Chapter 11

The Necromaster’s Minion

A shady figure smashed through the window, followed by a ghoul and a couple of skeletal knights. Sarah dared to look back at the intruder, he had an eerie likeness to the person in her dream from the night before. He even wore the same attire: a large, black hood with a crimson trim, robe, and boots. He signaled his cronies to the children below, Sarah ran downstairs, nearly tripping over. Midnight and her hid behind the bar counter from the monsters coming down.

Sarah II wide-eyed to the undead creatures jumping off from the upper floor and immediately rushed to the dining table. She snatched the tome key and slid it down into her left boot, afterwards she took some other objects and buried the Tome of the Beguiler underneath them. The ninja looked around and noticed the monsters had already caught the other children, a skeleton knight grabbed her arms and cuffed them behind her back.
A Wizard walked on down the stairs and met up with his minions; Sarah II recognized him, and so did he. His eyes came onto contact with Sarah II and smirked. “Well, well,” the Wizard spoke. “I found you at last.”
“Kevin,” Sarah II breathed. “How the Bartleby did you get here?!”
“I took the Time Crystal. You know, the Hall of Time?” Kevin looked pleased to see Sarah II’s astonished expression on her face. The so-called Kevin II continued, “Thanks to Lord Shadow, he told me where you were. He is good boy indeed, leading us onto your tracks.” A small dragon soundlessly glided right on Kevin II’s shoulders, he scratched underneath the dragon’s chin for reward.
“Why that no-good, little runt of a lizard! I’d cut those wings off, if I had the chance!” threatened Sarah II. The dragon hissed and curled around his master’s neck.
“Oh come now, Princess—Ah, what do we have here?” Kevin II stepped to face Sabrina, Sierra, and Kevin. He chuckled, “You got yourself a backup team? They’re all adept, that’s cute.”
Sierra’s face turned red and puffed her cheeks. Unknowingly, the creep had just insulted Sierra, she didn’t like to be judged as some sweet, little girl that every one believed she was. She started pulling herself toward the villain, the ghoul held her back. “Cute? CUTE?! Wait until I get my hands on you! I’ll make you frozen like a gobbler fallen in a pond on a cold day!”
The Wizard pulled his brooding wand and pointed in Sierra’s face, “You settle down or I will silence you myself!” A rock zipped across the room and hit the Wizard behind the head. He turned around to see who had thrown the rock at him, it was Sarah.

Sarah did not know how it happened, but it just hit her. The intruder was about to harm her little sister, Sarah’s elder sibling instincts had kicked in. They changed her scared thoughts to daring determination to protect Sierra. Sarah stood away from the bar counter and stomped her foot. “You stay away from my sister!” she barked.
The Wizard stared down at Sarah for a short moment, then brought about his arm. Sarah noticed that she was beginning to levitate in mid air, out of nowhere. She looked to the Wizard again, a dark aura surrounded his hand, he was using some kind of dark magic. He slowly closed his fingers to his palm; Sarah began to feel the person’s mysterious power constricting her around the abdomen up to her chest. She struggled desperately but the unseen coils got tighter, Sarah gasped and passed out.

The Wizard rolled his arm around and pretended to throw a ball, Sarah was sent flying toward a nearby wall and slammed against it. He gave Sarah no attention and returned to his business with his former companion. “Enough with the tomfoolery! You’re coming back to my keep, but this time I’ll have you fully guarded!”
“No!” Sarah II refused. Behind her back, she slid a tiny pin into the keyholes of her handcuffs, unlocking them. In the right moment, she forcefully lashed out at Kevin II’s minions allowing the children to scurry away. While the Wizards took out the minions, Sarah II ran to Sarah to wake her up. In the other hand, Kevin II shot out a dark blow right behind her, the ninja fled up the stairs with the villain following her.

Sarah feebly woke up lightheaded, barely concentrating on the sounds and the situation around her. Her head began to regain its normal state, she now saw Sierra and her friends fighting with the undead monsters. She pulled herself together and came to assist them.

Sarah II’s Cyclops tossed Kevin II against the wall and crashed into some wall shelves. He shoved the dust off his robe and stood right up, he faced the ninja. “Why do you follow me everywhere?” Sarah II demanded.
“Because I want you,” Kevin II said softly, he stepped closer as Sarah II kept her distance from him. “Your blood. Flesh. And bone.” Sarah II grimaced to her rival’s attempt to flatter her.
“You nasty creep! I ain’t fallin’ for that fake love invitation!”
“Well, aren’t you the bright one?”
“Heh! Unlike you and the rest of the future Spiral,” she hissed.
“Oh, and by the way, this little mission of yours is history. Your acquaintances are seized, the Necromaster now claims ownership of the Time Crystal and the Hall of Time itself. Where will you hide now?” Kevin II taunted. “Are you gonna cry to that professor of yours?”
“Not a chance!” Sarah II snapped and no longer held back against fighting her former friend. Kevin II swivels his wand, “Skeletal Pirate, go!” The skeleton animated in the room and repetitively swung its cutlass at the ninja. She evaded at swift agility but her combo had ended just as the pirate slashed at her chest, leaving a visible mark on her armor plate. The pirate dispelled and Sarah II fell against the rail. Kevin II held the ninja down with his wand underneath her chin. He spoke in a shallowly, cold voice in her ear. “You shouldn’t have left the keep,” he growled. “There are severe consequences for escapees and conspirators, like you.”
“Hmph,” was Sarah II’s only response as she firmly gripped onto Kevin II’s brooding wand, stuck her knees underneath his stomach, and launched him right off the floor. He stumbled upon the dining table, breaking one of its legs and knocking the contents off the surface. The Tome of the Beguiler revealed to the villain, he began to reach on toward it. At the very same moment, Sarah II landed right on the opposite suspended part of the broken table. The book flew up and landed right into the ninja’s arms.

The Wizards had finished off the last of the mysterious stranger’s minions, they celebrated for a short moment until Sabrina heard the ninja’s cries for help. The shady boy wizard had his hands on Sarah II, he opened up a portal in the middle of the house.
“This is it,” he assured to Sarah II whom squirmed in his grip. “You’re coming back to the future, whether you like it or not!”
“I will not go with you, Kevin ShadowShade!” Sarah II exclaimed. “Over my cold, dead body!” Her Heckhound pet zipped to his owner and began biting the villain’s leg. Kevin II’s dragon tackled the dog away hissing behind him. Sarah II performed a backwards maneuver, flipping Kevin II off her and slashed with her sword. Kevin II countered just narrowly and pulled her down on the floor.
Down by fall in this affray, Sicken my opponent and make her pay!” Kevin II jabs Sarah II’s left ankle with the beak of his wand. Abnormally, the beak cut through the ninja’s boot deep into her skin at the point she started to bleed. Sarah II screamed in agony; a summoned sunbird by Sabrina attacked Kevin II immediately stopping his process with the curse. He fell through the portal, grabbing the ninja once again, but his hands were on the tome. The portal pulled him and the Tome of the Beguiler—off from Sarah II’s hands–in, the sinister dragon glided through as it closes behind it.
No!” Sarah II cried out as she hit her fist on the floor and clutching her leg tight.

The AYT and Sarah BattleThief immediately took their injured companion to Professor Wu’s office in Ravenwood. They found Moolinda Wu outside of the Life school gardening with her flowers. She accepted the children’s need of a doctor and took Sarah II in to be under her care. With that, Sierra and her friends departed leaving Sarah behind, alone again with her Midnight. She decided to wait by the Life tower for her new friend.
Long minutes have passed, but to Sarah it felt like hours, she started to worry for the ninja. At long last, Moolinda emerged from the Life Tower. She notified Sarah that her friend was suffering from a dark spell in which would cause her to almost bleed to death. The good news, she was fine and the bleeding was stopped before it could get worse. In the other hand, Sarah II is left with a broken ankle and may not be able to fight in a few days.
“I’ll take your friend to your house for you, the next classes will be starting in several minutes,” says Moolinda Wu carrying the half-drowsy Sarah II in her arms.
“Oh thank you, Professor Wu,” Sarah said. She gave Wu a copy of her house key, and went on her way to the Myth school. “Good grief, she’s ok,” she breathed.

“Don’t move that leg too much, it needs to heal,” says Moolinda Wu tending to Sarah II’s bandages. Sarah II slumped her head onto her pillow.
“How long will I have to lay here?” she groaned.
“Only for a matter of time, my dear.”
She sighed. I’ve gotten this far to save the Spiral, and thanks to my bigheadedness, I yet messed up another mission. What am I doing wrong? I got help from my present self and her friends—to lighten the weight on my shoulders—but I still get left with nothing. I’m probably not doing enough to do the mission. Especially with people, I am so selfish to let others get involved with my mess because I work alone. Long ago, Ambrose once said: ‘cooperation will get things done easier,’ to this day, I think he is right. Now that I am not living in fear like in the future, I must do what Cyrus and I have not done…And that would be gathering support from friends.
One question, how will I explain to them with what’s up and down? I mean, they just saw Kevin running around and me acting like I knew the guy. The big error in the picture is revealing who my nemesis’ name was. I didn’t intend to do that in the first place, my mind was busy in memory lane. They’ll eventually realize my big secret and think I’m a fiend, too. Ugh, why is this so complicated!
“I have a question. If there was this person who kept a secret from their peers and something having to do with that secret suddenly gets out, what would she—he do?”
“Oh…Why are you asking this dear?”
“It just came to my mind, nothing else.”
“Hmm, well,” Wu sat on a stool by Sarah II’s bed, “If I were in that person’s shoes, I’d tell them the truth.”
I thought so.
“Especially if it’s in the direst of time where friends are vital to have around. You see, people are not mind readers, they can’t right away tell that you’re somebody. The more you keep to yourself, the less your friends would know about you. You’ll wilt than they will bloom into beautiful blossoms.”
Sarah II rose an eyebrow.
“Dear me! I’m not good with my philosophy!” Wu giggled, Sarah II laughed along. Her eyelids became heavy, she hit back onto her pillow and finally came to rest. Then that’s it. The only way to earn their friendship is if I tell them, before it’s too late. Please, Great Raven, make this work for me—and the world.



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