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Chapter 12

The Truth Unmasked
The sun slowly sets as Sabrina, joined by her best friends came together in Ravenwood after their last class had ended. They merrily chatted on each others’ lessons and laughed at the incidents that happened during class. Things had gone as normal as was thought to be, until Kevin ShadowShade questioned about Sierra’s sister.
He brought Sarah’s name to the conversation out of personal thinking, it wasn’t even pleasant. Sierra’s shoulders reverted just like the time Sabrina wanted her to approach her sister. The young Thaumaturge realized Kevin was beginning to aggravate in his address.
“She’s not so tough,” Kevin arrogantly said. “Hiding from those monsters like a coward; that other guy easily took her out with one,” he clapped his hands, “Wham!
Sierra turned, “Stop it! Why are you bothering about Sarah? What has she ever done to you?”
“Well—Sarah pushed me in that dungeon!”
“But she saved you didn’t she?”
“Yeah, but–”
“And, just recently, when one of those monsters had you pinned? Remember?”
Kevin did remember, during the fight after the rogue Wizard broke in the AYT were fighting his minions as Sarah II took care of business with the rogue. A ghoul minion lashed Kevin with its shovel just when the Necromancer was about to use a banshee spell. He dropped belly flat on the ground as the ghoul loomed over him. The monster groaned what seemed to be a beguile spell upon Kevin. He felt his mind overcoming with sudden loyalty and growing respect to serve the rogue Wizard, Kevin’s struggle failed to conquer the spell.
Right in the moment he almost reached full effect, Sarah’s casted Minotaur sliced the ghoul in half, breaking Kevin’s bond from the beguile. He stirred with Sarah pulling him up then leaving to fight the incoming guards. For that moment, he barely noticed her heroism at all.
Kevin shrugged. “I still think she wasn’t so cool.”
“Look here! I may hate my sister, but as a young sibling I look up to her. Sarah is not as perfect as anyone, yet I love her the way she is.” Sierra snapped in confusion, she had no idea that she actually said something nice about her sister. Sierra, though, regretted saying it. “Never mind, I’m going home.” With that, she walked alone toward the Commons.
Sabrina sighed and looked at Kevin in disbelief, “Kev, I haven’t seen you act this way before. Why is that so?”
Kevin took a deep breath, tilting his head forward. “Sabrina,” he said, “I never told you before, but I am actually not opened up to people I barely know. My mom tells me that I shouldn’t talk to strangers, so I only talked with people I am introduced to.”
“You don’t need to cautious with Sarah, she’s no trouble.”
“But still, I’m surprised to seeing her ‘new friend’. You said the girl was actually a thief, right?”
“Oh…I smell a rat,” Kevin growled in suspicion and began to strut pompously.
“Where are you going?” Sabrina said curiously.
“Sarah’s house, she could be in trouble.”
Sarah II rested peacefully as a small dragon stealthily glided to her balcony window. He peeked through to see that the ninja was the only person home. “Is Sarah home?” Kevin called out to his pet, Lord Shadow nodded as he went back down. “Hmm. I was wrong I guess.”
“I told you,” said Sabrina behind him. “She’s probably doing errands for Professor Drake. Can we go home now?”
“Not yet, I want to check things out myself.” Kevin casted a small horde of lightning bats to transport him through the broken window—previous done by the evil wizard. Sabrina sighed again and summoned her sunbird to carry her too.
Both Wizards stayed quiet as they investigated the home; everything was right back the way it was. The glass had already been cleaned up and things were put into place—except the dining table that was left without repair. Kevin didn’t feel any sense of danger, he shrugged. “Nothing.”
The door knob of the front door suddenly rattles, both Sabrina and Kevin jumped. “Oh gee!” Sabrina whispered.
Sarah BattleThief entered her castle and stepped up the stairs toward Sarah II. “Hey dude,” she slightly rubbed her shoulder.
“What is it?” Sarah II yawned.
“I got you some scones on my way home. And I wanted to talk to you, about the creep earlier. Who was he?”
“Argh,” the ninja moaned, then slumped over. “Later.”
“No.” Sarah pulled her back. “Now, please?”
“Fine, oh fine.” Sarah II sat up, her eyes still droopy. “The Wizard who attacked us was the Necromaster’s minion, or in other words, the apprentice. He was the worst of all necromancers combined. His name is…Kevin ShadowShade.”
“Kevin?” Sarah almost laughed in anxiety. “Are—are you serious?”
“Yes, yes I am. Oh, and by the way, Sabrina and Kev are here.” Sarah II pointed to the bedroom door, Sarah opened it.
“How the frog did you guys get in here?” she said to her uninvited guests.

“None of your business,” Kevin refused to answer, instead Sabrina did. “We dropped by. Sorry Sarah, but my friend thought you were going to be in some trouble.”

Sarah slightly gestured for the children to get out of her room, she resume the conversation with her friend. “So, how come Kevin is evil in the future?”
“I’m not sure for certain, but all I know is that he betrayed my team. He killed Sabrina, my sister, and threatened to kill my if I was ever involved with the Necromaster’s plans.”
“Say what?” Kevin spun around. ”Are you making up lies about me?!” Sarah II ignored him.
“It’s the truth!” she hissed at him. “I was afraid this would go out of hand. But I better tell you all now, what I should have done in the beginning! Sarah, you remember how I said I had a sister?”
“Yes?” Sarah shivered a little.
“Well, Kevin ShadowShade—in the future—killed his best friend, Sabrina RedHunter. Then his rampage went toward murdering my sister, Sierra IceRiver…”
Everyone was still and quiet, Midnight could be heard panting.
“For my ending to this,” Sarah II reached underneath her chin. She slowly pulled her mask, for the very first time, in front of the children.
“Dude,” she speaks.
“I’m Sarah BattleThief.”
No, this can’t be, Sarah repetitively said to herself. This is just a prank, yeah that’s it. She’s just wearing another mask to pull my leg. Or I’m dreaming. She pinched herself several times, but it was real. The Conjurer began to breathe hard.
“Face it, Sarah,” Sarah II said. “This is the real truth. You’re gonna be alone in the future…that’s why I need everyone’s help.” She hugged to settle Sarah’s despair whom pushed her away.
“Why should I help you?” she sniffed. “You kept these secrets from me and you waited. Why?”
“I was afraid you were going to think that I was a fiend, and you probably do now.” Sarah II dug her face into her arms. “I’m sorry. It wasn’t meant to be.”
Sarah had already went to her room without a word. Sarah II looked at Sabrina and Kevin, they barely dared to say a word nor lay an eye on her. Kevin walked out with Lord Shadow, leaving Sabrina behind.
Sabrina didn’t like the glum atmosphere throughout the castle, it felt so quiet and no one was in a great mood. She tried to cheer Sarah II up, but she was only successful in making Sarah II grin for a couple of seconds. Before Sabrina quit, she opened up. “I don’t think you’re a fiend,” she said. “If you were Sarah all along, I know you wouldn’t do such a thing to disappoint anyone. I’m sorry to hear of what happened to your sister. It’s horrible, I don’t have a sibling but it must be pretty harsh for a loss. Good night.” With that, she left.
Sarah II sobbed the rest of her tears, Midnight II cuddled next to her. “What will I do now?” she said to her dog, Midnight II folded his ears back. He licked her hand, Sarah II scratched behind his ears. “I have you, and you’re the best friend I could ever have.”
The Necromaster stood in front of the Time Crystal awaiting for his apprentice’s arrival. The soul servants behind him withheld Edrik Scatterglow whom stayed put, regretting to serve under the dark lord.
At last, Kevin II emerges from the portal and dropped onto the floor, exhausted.
The Necromaster thumped his staff on the floor. “Boy! Where’s the outlaw?” he demanded.
“She resisted arrest.” Kevin lifted himself up and held a dusty, old book from beneath his weight. “But I managed to take the Tome of the Beguiler from her.”
Like a striking serpent, the Necromancer snatched the book off from his apprentice’s hands and inspected it. “The Beguiler’s tome? It’s back into my hands at last!”
Kevin II looked at his master with pride. He was surprised to see the Necromaster in a greater mood, despite failing to retrieve Sarah II. Kevin was yet to inhale his own glory when he noticed a slight change in his master’s expression. “What is the matter, sir?”
“I can’t open the tome, did you get the key?”
“Key?” Kevin scratched his head. Oh shoot! I forgot about the tome key! How could I easily forget it? It just occurred to him that Sarah II had gotten rid of the tome key when she destroyed the tome. But, she may have definitely taken the key from the Royal Museum, back in time.
“I can’t rule the Spiral without the key, although I still memorize some of the spells.” The Necromancer croaked. “There is a resurrection spell in this book that I found some time ago. If I can open it, then I may not need the Krokonomicon.”
“Are you suggesting that I go back to retrieve the tome key for you?” Kevin respectively asked.
“No, you’ve done just enough. It is Sarah who had the tome and its key. If she is not willing to give up, then it’s her choice.” The dark lord chuckled deviously, baring his teeth. “As Sarah’s punishment for her meddling shenanigans, I’ll bring out a plague. One that will beguile all necromancers in the modern day, to conquer that realm as well. Just to make things harder for our friend, we’ll take it earlier than here. It will complicate Sarah and she will have to forcefully surrender the tome key and herself.”
The Necromaster pointed his staff at the time portal and said his first spell out loud.
Strength I possess and power I hold here,
Charm the students of Ambrose’s and make all fear.
Let them be necromancers who are under my control,
Then run them loose like lumbering trolls!
A smoky, black fog emerged in thin air and automatically went through the time crystal. The Necromaster turned to his student. “Kevin, ready the undead army and bring them here.”
“Yes, master.” Kevin bowed to his lord, he whispered under his breath, “Little Princess, surrender or die.”


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