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Chapter 13

Necromancer Riot
It was a breezy Saturday morning in Wizard City as Sarah BattleThief walked Midnight around. She clutched tightly on her hat while the wind occasionally blew hard against her making the trek difficult.
A young Wizard came down her path and met up with the Conjurer. It was Sabrina RedHunter. “Morning Sarah,” Sabrina greeted, nearly blown away by a blast of air.
“Hi Sabrina,” Sarah replied grabbing Sabrina from the gust and pinned her down. “Wind is strong.”
“Yeah, very,” Sabrina giggled. “I didn’t know it would be this bad today.”
“Neither did I. Hey, why aren’t you with your friends?”
“Kevin’s training in Triton Avenue, and Sierra is helping her mom hinder the gobblers at home.”
“Oh right, I almost forgot about those things hanging out there. Why did Professor Greyrose bring them there in the first place?”
Sabrina shrugged continuing to walk by Sarah and Midnight. They journeyed through Wizard City together as they passed by the shops and booths in the shopping district to the road in Olde Town. Their paces began to slow when a sound of yells were heard.
The voices led them to an uproar belonging to a crowd. The city guards blocked off the tunnel entranced to Triton Avenue; they ordered the people from within the street to clear out as they held the gate.
“What the heck is going on?” Sarah whispered. She looked to see Sabrina’s face but she had already left her side. “Sabrina!” Sarah called on after her.
Sabrina RedHunter rushed toward the tunnel. A guard stopped her just as the gate closed.
“Hold it right there, young lady. It’s dangerous in there,” said the guard.
“But my friend is in there!”
Sarah caught up behind Sabrina, “Dude, what’s gone into you?! And what’s happening?”
“It’s the undead,” another of the guards told them, “They’ve gotten upset, the population’s increased all of a sudden. Headmaster Ambrose ordered the closure of this street for the time being.”
“How did this happen in the first place?” Sarah said in minor tense.
“We don’t know, it just turned out that way.”
A swarm of undead, they were probably the same ones that broke out of the Haunted Cave gate. But according to the guard, the creatures have become hostile by unknown means. It was possible that someone, or something, is taking control of the monsters. Sarah noticed that Sabrina was breaking down and begging to seek Kevin ShadowShade whom was in Triton Avenue doing alone training. She felt a need of doing something…but knowingly it required to save a certain person she didn’t like. Why should I help find Kevin, he’s not as friendly as he was with Sabrina and Sierra, plus he hates me. Though even if she’d refused and told Sabrina why, she would say, “Maybe in the end, he’ll thank you.”
Midnight barked slipping through the bars of the gate and disappeared in the tunnel. Sarah called out to her pet, simultaneously the gate shook and pulled right up on its own. As the guards struggled to pull the gate down, Sarah darted beneath to run after her dog, Sabrina hurriedly followed.
“Why do I get myself into these situations,” Kevin said to himself. He ran incessantly around the corners of the current block from a group of ghosts, scarecrows, and whatever else lurked in the streets.
Recently, Kevin was only training and minding his own business, until something unnatural had occurred. His cursed curiosity, apparently, kicked in forcing the Necromancer to see what it was. There were a dark clouds overhead the mills—they were dissimilar than the regular rain clouds that hanged around the streets–he continued to wander. The clouds led him to what seemed to be a thick black fog seeping from the opened gate to the Haunted Cave. When he came close in contact with the fog, he felt his neck hairs stand out.
A boy Wizard appeared out of the dark cave and abruptly fell to the ground. Kevin came to his aid right away, in seconds he realized that this lad was in his school.
“Help me,” the boy coughed.
“What were you doing in there?” Kevin said.
“A monster grabbed me…it was all dark. There are other people in there, too.”
Lord Shadow approached the boy and leered down at him from Kevin’s shoulder. The dragon sensed a malevolent aura around the wizard, he tugged his owner away.
“Shadow, what are you doing?” Kevin pulled from Lord Shadow’s claws. The boy stood up and snatched Kevin, clutching tightly on his arm.
Your mine, ShadowShade! The boy’s eyes glowed violet and his abnormal strength brought the Necromancer down to ground. You shall join with the rest of us! he growled, We will be superior than the other schools!
“Let go of me!”
Behind the demented boy, zombies and ghosts began to creep out from the fog groaning and shifting. Lord Shadow flew onto the boys back and bit on his bare arm, forcing him to release his owner. Kevin followed his pet hightailing the victim who fell prey to mysterious force whom possessed his mind.
Back to the current, both Lord Shadow and Kevin took cover behind one of the well houses as the confounded monsters chased on further. “Whew. That was a close one,” Kevin breathed. A hand suddenly lands on his back.
Kevin!” the voice of Sabrina RedHunter cried out as her arms closed around him. “Thank goodness, we found you!”
Sarah interrupted, “Yeah, finally. Now we can go home and—Midnight! No!” Her Heckhound barked straight at the monsters, fortuitously exposing the children’s hiding place. One of the ghosts shot a blast of cold air toward them as they scrambled out of the way. Kevin pulled his wand, “Jack! Rise for me and fight!”
Jack the skeletal pirate animated from the dirt assailing the enemies along with the Wizards. Sarah BattleThief bombarded the monsters with a humongofrog spell, but they somehow endured it. The creatures got stronger: a ghoul had better skill in wielding his shovel, he twirled his weapon toward Sarah knocking her onto the dirt.
You can’t kill them that easy.”
A large group of student wizards now arrived and crowded the children. With the power of Death, your magic is no match for ours. We’re taking this city for the Necromaster!”
Class! Stop with this nonsense, you’ll hurt people!” says Dworgyn. From out of the blue he appeared and confronted the necromancers, then looked to Kevin, Sabrina and Sarah. “Leave me with my students. Get away from here as quickly as you can!”
Without a hesitation the children did as told running quickly to the Olde Town tunnel… only to find the gate closed. Through the bars, they saw the entire wizard community being attacked by undead monsters and charmed necromancers. Screaming and magic being shot out at each other, these Death students were going against their own classmates. Despite the situation going on the other side, the Wizards focused on their side of the gate. The gate was apparently blocking their way, they knew that they were at a dead end.
“We’re lock in here!” Sabrina shook the bars without effort.
“We’re doomed!” Kevin looked back seeing the other necromancers and monsters after them.
Sarah’s heart pounded so hard against her chest, she barely said or did a thing to help Sabrina and Kevin. Out of nowhere, barking caught her ear, Sarah thought it was Midnight’s, but her pet was right next to her. It turned out the yipping was somewhere at a distance. The dog barking got closer, Midnight left his owner’s side…and returned with another Heckhound, Sarah II’s pet.
Midnight II tugged Sarah’s drape pulling her out of the tunnel back into the street, Lord Shadow and Midnight did the same with Kevin and Sabrina. The children noticed a portal opened in the middle of the street, presumably where Midnight II had entered Triton Avenue. Once they knew what the pets were doing, the portal had already closed behind them.
The necromancers, along with their undead allies, searched relentlessly for the young wizards. They weren’t in the bushes nor hiding around the houses, the Death pack leader scowled toward his minions.
“You let them escape!” he gritted his teeth. “My master will not be pleased with your failure.”
“But sir, you only told us to frighten them not catch them,” said one of the necromancers who nervously faced the leader.
“Those bystanders were the ones involved with the fugitive. They should have known where Prin—err, Sarah had the key. But no matter, they won’t get away that easy. Once Wizard City is necromancer paradise, Sarah and her friends have nowhere else to hide.”
From the shadows of the street, Dworgyn listened in to the mysterious wizard leading his students. “This is not good,” he mumbled as he shuffled onto his feet and retreated in a cloud of dust.



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