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Chapter 2


It was a perfectly nice day in Ravenwood. The light shined through Bartleby’s branches and the birds chirped and flew across the sky.
Sierra IceRiver, an Adept Thaumaturge, sat by her two friends: Sabrina RedHunter, an Adept Pyromancer; and Kevin ShadowShade, an adept Necromancer. These Wizards are having a get-together to start a friendship group. To this day, they meet to organize their gathering.
“Hello peoples!” Sabrina starts her opening introduction, “Welcome to our first group formation!”
“The beginning topic of this meeting will be our decision on our clan’s structure. Any ideas?”
Both Sierra and Kevin stared in thought. Sierra speaks up first, “I think we need a base. You know like where we can have our meetings.”
“I agree with that,” Kevin firmly said. “I wouldn’t want anyone to be listening on us.”
“Yea, that reminds me. I have been thinking about that yesterday, but I am trying to buy a new house so I can move out of my dorm,” said Sabrina.
“We can have it at my house,” Sierra proudly volunteered.
“Or mine (whatever),” moaned the bored Kevin turning his head to an incoming Wizard. The Wizard he now focused on was wearing Marleybonian attire. Her hair rode with the gentle breeze while she jogged. A Heckhound followed the girl.
“Sierra, is that your sister over there?”
Sierra quickly turned her head towards Kevin’s direction. “Oh, great,” she moaned.
The girl was Sarah BattleThief, a 15-year-old Magus Conjurer. She had been looking all over for her sister and had finally found her. Sarah stopped in front of the group, panting from having to run a long mile. She regained her breath and said, “Hey Sierra! Hi guys! What you up to?”
The three stayed quiet, Sarah turned to her sister. “Sis, you wanna come train with me?”
“No,” Sierra replied.
“Then can we go fight some monsters?”
“No. Sarah, don’t you see that I am busy?” says the annoyed Sierra.
Sarah looked down, then back up to face her sister, but not in the eyes. “Well, sorry, we have been separated for a long time… Until we enrolled here. And, you hang out with your friends many times, yet you won’t spare your time with your own older sister?”
Sierra went against thinking about her sister’s question and said, ”Yep, I pretty much would. Anyways, we’re on for important things right now.”
“Oh,” Sarah sighed, “Can I–”
“No! Sarah, why don’t you go hang with your own friends?” Sierra’s angry look intimidated Sarah, she became silent. Sierra returns her attention to her friends and continued on the conversation.
Sarah turned herself away and frowned. “My friends are busy, that’s why,” she mumbled walking towards to the back of the Myth school. Her pet, Midnight, followed her.
The lonesome Conjurer sat down lying against a wall. She took out her sketchbook from her bag and began to draw.
“I don’t get it,” she spoke, even though the only person listening to her was Midnight. “Why is Sierra not wanting me around her? What does she have against me? Am I not good enough for?”
“Ugh, come on! Why am I acting like a baby? I’m fifteen years old, yet I still don’t have the spine to be the boss of my thirteen-year-old sister! I’m so pathetic.”
“No one likes me,” Sarah’s growing anger blazed within her, she began to rant. “Yea, that’s probably it. People would prefer to be with more sociable people other than me. I don’t like to ask my friends to hang with me because…because,” she began to frustrate. “I’m just too nervous!”
Sarah dropped her rage and cooled down. She now looked down at her sketchbook. She turned to the previous page she sketched on. The first drawing was of three people: Sierra, Sabrina, and Kevin. They had a grin on their face (Kevin had a weak grin.) These people were together in a gang, and they weren’t apart from each other.
Sarah turns to the picture she finished last. It was a picture of a girl crouched in the shadings of nothingness. She was alone, shedding tears, and very depressed. The girl in the drawing turned out to be Sarah herself.
Midnight rubbed his head against Sarah’s arm, she looked at her pet. Sarah had noticed that she wasn’t alone, she smiled. “Thank you. Midnight,” she breathed through her hidden tears, “At least you gave me the company I ever want.”
Sarah now stood up. “Let’s go. I need to train.” She put her sketchbook back into her bag and walked up to Bartleby to the Spiral Chamber. She inserted the Marleybone Spiral key into the knob on the World Gate and went through.

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Meanwhile, a figure roamed upon Marleybone’s rooftops. She moved swiftly and stopped atop a ledge of a building to look over.
“There it is. The Royal Museum,” the figure identified her destination. “Closed for the night? Heh! No museum is locked for this Wizard.”
The Wizard made a quick examination for witnesses then pulled out her wand. She waved the wand towards one of the museums roof windows and opened it wide open. She slipped through the window and navigates through the museum’s displays



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