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Chapter 4

To Jail

Sarah walked into the Headmaster’s office with Gamma by her. Gamma flew towards his perch by the Headmaster’s desk and settled on it.
“Merle! Merle Ambrose! I brought the student you requested!” Gamma called out. Ambrose exits out from the Spiral room and up to the front of his desk. “Thank you, Gamma,” he said. The owl bobbed his head down.
Ambrose now turns to Sarah. “Ah, yes, it is you.”
“You need me for something, Headmaster?” Sarah asked politely.
“Yes, I do. Just now, I received a call from Sherlock Bones in Marleybone. He called about a heist that you got involved in.”
Involved? He doesn’t mean the ‘accomplice of the criminal’ involved, right? Sarah had a feeling a suspicion pressuring her.
“He needs you to come to Scotland Yard, right away.”
“Yes, sir. I’ll get there as fast as I can.”
Ambrose nodded, “You are dismissed, miss BattleThief.”
With that, Sarah went out of his office. Ambrose scratched underneath his chin.
“What is the matter, Merle?” asked the concerned Gamma.
“This is not like Sarah…,” Ambrose said to himself. Gamma tilted his head.
“I have not seen or heard this young lady ever being suspected for such crime. By Bartleby, I hope she isn’t in trouble.” No one said a word, the room became silent.

Sarah walked in from the Scotland Yard doors, who happens to hear shouting from the other side of the floor.
I have my rights to remain silent, I don’t care!
Go ahead, yell your lungs out, it won’t get you anywhere!” McRuff barked from his podium.
Officer McRuff turned back to the front. “By gosh, she is finally silent!” he panted as he tried to clean out his ears to hear again. He nearly forgot about Sarah. “Oh, what do you need, miss?”
“Sherlock Bones called for me, is he here?”
“Oh yes, he’s two floors above from here,” says McRuff pointing at the hall to the elevator. Sarah went to the elevator and met up with Bones to the third floor.
“There you are,” Bones greeted her.
Sarah had an uncomfortable feeling coming up, she suddenly asked, “Mister, am I in trouble?”
Bones chuckled, “Of course not child! No harm done! I just wanted to talk to you.”
“Oh! Ok,” Sarah felt relieved at last. Bones led her into a small room, containing a desk, lamp, and a security guard standing in the far corner. Both Bones and Sarah sat down at the desk’s opposite sides. Bones started his inspection.
“You were a great a great help to the robbery investigation, miss Sarah.”
“Thank you.”
“But, this is not why you are here. You see, the police and I were trying to get answers from the perpetrator of the crime, but she refused to speak. Every question we asked her were ignored. So, I might as well ask you to do me a favor and try to answer my questions.”
Sarah nodded, “Ok, I’ll try to give as much of an answer as I can.”
“Very well. To start off, where did you see the thief before you pursued her?”
“She was escaping the museum through one of its windows into an alleyway.”
Bones took notes, “Did this person have anything on her when trying to escape?”
“Hmm, let’s see,” Sarah paused for a second, “I did see her with a bag. It was certain that the robber was trying to carry away with the stolen antiques.”
“Did you manage to get the items when you caught up to the thief?”
“No sir, I haven’t. When I chased her down the alleyway, she had it with her. But just when I had her cornered, she didn’t have the bag. She probably put it off somewhere.”
Bones finished up the rest of his notes and stated through his thoughts of the investigation. “So, you are telling me that this perpetrator had the goods on her, but hid them; so that she can go back to them as soon as she would get away?” The detective signaled the security guard out of the room.
“Yea,” said the assured Sarah. “It got foggy in that alley,” she added, “It was so thick, I couldn’t see anything! Therefore, that girl took the opportunity to sneak the stuff into a secure area and continued to make a run for it.”
Sarah’s explanation is interrupted by the squeaking sound of the room door opening; the security guard returns with two more officers, entering along with the suspect. The thief was still complaining about miscellaneous things. Having to have recalled when Sarah came into the Scotland Yard, she realized that uproar from the lobby belonging to the Wizard herself. The Wizard wriggled in the policemen’s grip and continued her rant until she laid her eyes on Sarah, sitting at the table. At the moment the Wizard saw Sarah, Sarah jumped.
Both girls now stared at each other at a short distance. The Wizard broke the silence in between, “You!” Oh no, the scared Sarah thought to herself.
“You came back to taunt me, didn’t you?!” the girl snarled. Sarah didn’t respond. The angry Wizard smuggled out of the officers’ hold and darted in the direction of Sarah. The frightened Conjurer leaped off her seat and ran towards a nearby wall in the room. The Wizard pushed Sarah down onto the floor, then dropped herself on the fallen Conjurer. She had her arms encircled around Sarah’s chest.
“Get off of me!” she cried, but the Wizard wouldn’t budge. The officers stormed into the room to Sarah’s aid and pulled the thief off her back. Although the policemen restrained the girl from jumping on the witness, Sarah quickly crawled away to keep distance.
Bones went up to the Wizard, “I thought I told you to keep your anger down.”
“Whatever, Sherlock. You’re not the boss of me.”
“Are you going to settle down and tell me the facts or willing to take another timeout?” scolded detective Bones. The Wizard stayed silent leering at Bones. Bones sighed, “I thought so.”
Sarah watched Bones and the policemen struggle with the convict. This person sure is trouble for the constables, she thought to herself. I think she has a problem, that’s probably why she’s always upset. One time, during that fight during the robbery, I looked into her eyes, anxiety was in them. That girl is probably in some kind of misfortune. When I hear her yell, I can feel a sense of fear. It’s a guess at why she won’t cooperate with the police. She needs help. Man, I can’t believe I am gonna have to do this… but I need to set myself from my shell and get to know her a bit. Maybe I can help her out…or even my social skill.
Sarah got up from the floor and stepped up to Sherlock Bones, who had just dismissed the policemen to take the Wizard away. “Wait,” she called out to the police dogs. They stopped in their tracks. She looked back to Bones, “Sir, I think I know what I can do.”
“Yes, go on,” Bones began to listen while holding his pipe up to his mouth.
“I just noticed how that girl wasn’t answering or obeying to your orders. But, I just came to conclusion. She has her own problems.” Bones rose his eyebrow, Sarah continued, “Something in her mind is troubling her and she is trying to find a way to fight it. She wants help, but her stress is getting the better of her that she is always biting the hand that tries to feed her.”
Seeing that she got Bones attention, Sarah stated her point, “So, since she and I are Wizards, maybe I can keep her home and try to calm her down, and I’ll ask her the questions for you. What do you say?”
Bones thought about it for a few seconds then came with a response. “I know you are trying to help the boys and I but, do you really want to risk having this culprit in your home? She attacked you just now.”
“I’m willing to take my chances, whether I’ll like it or not. Just leave her with me… without the handcuffs.”

Now walking in the Regent Square streets, Sarah and the girl Wizard went on their way to the Wolfminster Abbey. Midnight, apparently, was out from Sarah’s backpack readying to defend her when the Wizard decides to jump her again.
The Wizard was silent, not a word to say; everything in her head were kept to herself. As for Sarah, she was trying to truce with the Wizard.
“Um… no hard feelings about that fight an hour ago, right?” Sarah laughed weakly. The Wizard ignored her. Bah! Wrong thing to start a conversation!
“My name is Sarah BattleThief. I’m a Magus Conjurer. What’s your name?” Please respond.
The Wizard hesitated to talk, her tone of voice seemed to be calmer now. “I’m—I’m Sarah,” she said.
“My gosh! We have the same name!” Sarah excitedly said, although to the Wizard it wasn’t that big of a deal.
The Wizard, Sarah II, stopped in her tracks and went up to a nearby alley. She whistled in, an echo reverberated deep in the dark alley…A Heckhound appears. The creature carried a backpack on its side. Sarah II took the backpack off the dog, slumped it onto her back, then picked up the pooch into her arms.
“Hey, that’s your pet, isn’t it?” asked the curious Sarah.
“Yeah,” the Wizard mumbled as she brushed her fingers through her pet’s fur. “He’s my only companion.”
“Wow. That goes for me and my dog, too,” Sarah cuddled with Midnight. “No one likes to have me around, but Midnight here never leaves me.”
Sarah looked up to Sarah II, she seemed astonished about something. Even though Sarah II’s mask concealed her face, but her eyes were enough to even tell.
Oh man, this is creepy, thought Sarah II. I didn’t expect to be this far in time. Now I’m looking at myself, and oddly, I’m talking to myself! Ugh, I got to get out of this situation, I need to do my mission!
Hey! Are you alright?” Sarah II snapped out of her mind. Sarah asked again, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, sure. I’m okay,” Sarah II nervously responded. She looked to Sarah and mumbled her kind words, “By the way, thanks for breaking me out of that jailhouse… I appreciated it.” Sarah nodded. Both girls went back onto their way to the World Gate.
Sarah II continued to get second thoughts. I think this won’t be so bad… I’ll just have to sneak away somehow and get back to business. Anyways, what is there to hurry?



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