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Chapter 5

Show and Tell

She’s gone!?” exclaimed Kevin ShadowShade. The Skeletal Guards had just returned from their break, but found no prisoner behind their posts. They alerted Kevin about their problem in which put him in an unpleasant mood. In outrage, he struck his fists onto his desk and stormed out from his home.
His search to who was responsible for the Wizard’s escape led him to the group of Ghouls, who were apparently slacking off their rounds. Kevin stomped towards the imprudent Ghouls and disturbed their rest; whacked them on the head with his wand, scolded them, and scared them back to duty.
Kevin found the Undead unreliable for such search for the fleer. Therefore, he ordered the Necromancer constables to track the Conjurer throughout the Spiral.
He returns to his house, with burning frustration looming over him. That pest! I knew she was up to something! When I get my hands on Princess, I’m gonna—
Jeremy, a captain of a Necromancer squad, enters. “ShadowShade, my squad could not find the fugitive anywhere.”
“’Anywhere’? What about everywhere?” Kevin rephrased, without looking at Jeremy.
“We have already checked Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, even the workshops.”
“How about Mooshu? Did you check there?”
“Affirmative. She wasn’t there either.”
“Ugh! Give me a break!” shouted Kevin as he hit his head on the surface of his desk. “Master is going to kill me,” he mumbled.
A small dragon swoops in through one of Kevin’s windows and lands on Kevin’s shoulder. It excitedly nudged his owner’s hood. “Lord Shadow, this isn’t the time right now”, says Kevin with his face down on his desk. But Lord Shadow wasn’t willing to stop; he was determined to get his owner’s attention to tell his findings, he began tugging at his hood. “Cut it out! Go away!” Kevin flung his arm at his pet; Lord Shadow scurried away, but accidentally topples over an ink well. The ink spilled out of bottle and Kevin sat back up. The ink spreads onto a blank scroll in front of Kevin.
Lord Shadow, atop a wall shelf, looked down shamefully at the mess he made. The dragon listened to Kevin’s complain on the spilled ink onto his scroll. Wait a minute! Scroll. And ink.
Lord Shadow swooped back onto the desk and rolled the scroll off, it opened up to a clean section of the scroll paper. He stepped his claws onto the ink puddle and dropped onto the floor.
Kevin looked over to the side of his desk to see what his clumsy dragon was up to. “Lord Shadow, what the blazes are you doing now? Don’t you see that Sarah just escaped and I got no traces of her to track her down with? I can’t even figure out where in the Spiral she is!”
Kevin stared at Lord Shadow’s work. His dragon’s sloppy illustrations were unintelligible, but were clear to Kevin’s eyes. “What is this?” He lifted the paper, not caring for the ink staining his fingers. He looked at the scroll and identified each blob of ink from left to right:
The first was a silhouette of a girl with cat ears and a flag sticking out from behind her. This was his former teammate, Sarah.
Looking to the next was an ill-detailed image, in a shape of a volcano. Above the volcano figure was a large dragon in which sat on its mountainous throne. Kevin recognized the ink portraying the Dragon Titan on the Great Spyre. It is Dragonspyre.
The final image was that of a gear shape. It made no sense, but when Kevin squinted his eyes at the spot of ink in the middle of the gear, it looked like a knob. And what has a knob to be opened? A vault. So, this picture had to be a vault somewhere in Dragonspyre. And according to Lord Shadow, he saw Sarah in that particular area.
Kevin turned his attention to Jeremy, who had been standing in front of his office the entire time, and called him over.
“Captain,” says Kevin, “Is there, by any chance, a vault in Dragonspyre?”
“Yes sir. There’s many of them in the Grand Chasm.”
“Then, this is it,” Kevin proudly said as he stroked Lord Shadow’s back.
“Captain, call your squad over here. I know where this fugitive is…”

Gliding atop their brooms, Kevin and the Necromancer posse followed Lord Shadow toward the mainland of Dragonspyre’s empire. All entered the walls of the Grand Chasm and settled in front of the area’s vaults.
The group dismounted from their brooms and stepped their way into the vaults entrance, at that moment… a large, darkish red dragon swoops down out of the open and roared.
Kevin commanded the troops to withdraw their wands and stop the beast. The Redwing exhaled a billow of flames as he drew near Kevin and the constables. They all dropped down, evading the Redwing’s attack. Back up, the Necromancers got back onto their brooms and targeted their spells against the dragon. For the time being, the Redwing pursuits after Kevin, whom tries to get away as his troops shot spells.
Kevin’s heart raced, he didn’t dare to stop nor look back at the incoming Redwing. He took cover behind a fallen column and crouched. The Redwing landed on top of the column and began snapping at Kevin with his jaws. Kevin attempted to bring his wand out, but the Redwing slashed it off his hands. He coward against the wall as the Redwing roared and took a deep breath. Just before the Redwing tried to burn Kevin, alive, a dark blow is shot from above and its impact strikes the Redwing. The Redwing crashed onto the street and stepped back up.
Kevin looked up to see the Necromaster, gently floating down to the earth. He said some dark words of magic, large spiky vines broke out of the ground and coiled around the Redwing. The Redwing, unable to break free, struggled in the vines’ grip, roaring in anger. The Necromancer constables landed back down to muzzle the beast.
Now on the ground, the Necromaster looked around, “I thought I had seen something from my office,” he spoke in a discerning manner. The Necromaster turned his attention to Kevin, whom came out from hiding. “Tell me, my apprentice. What brings you over here?”
“Master,” Kevin answered as he bowed to his presence, “Cyrus’ student escaped from my keep, we tracked her down to this place.”
“Sorry for the disruption,” Kevin bowed once again, the Necromaster pat his back for the forgiveness. He now walked up to the tied-up dragon.
“That pest got away? Is she trying to confront me again?” the Necromaster said, he observed the Redwing, the dragon hissed back.
What is the commotion? Who’s there?” someone echoed from the vaults chamber.

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Edrik Scatterglow ran out from his post to find out the noise he heard from outside. Now in the open—after an infinity haunting the vaults—he sees a group of young Wizards, holding down what seems to be an adult-sized Redwing, and a tall, dark figure standing overhead.
“You there,” Edrik called out to the man. “Who are you?”
The Necromaster forced a chuckled and turned himself to face Edrik; the wicked laughter startled Edrik. “I am the Necromaster, the new supreme ruler of the Spiral!” In a cold tone of voice, the Necromaster speaks, “You must know about the fugitive we’re after, don’t you?”
Edrik stared in confusion. “What fugitive?”
The girl! A Wizard by the name of…Sarah! Have you seen this rogue?!” the Necromaster boomed, growing impatient.
Sarah? He doesn’t mean the young lass, who was just here? Oh gosh. By the cold-bloodedness in this man, the ‘Necromaster’ seems to wish harm for that poor child! I don’t know what he wants from Sarah, but I’ll try to get him away from here.
“A Wizard named, Sarah? Hmm…,” Edrik pretended to be naïve. “Nope, I have not heard of such a living being around here. But, say, it is a pleasure meeting with you, Spiral King (mind if I call you that?) Oh, look at the time! I’ve got to go on back to my post! Goodbye, Necromaster sir!” Edrik steps back toward the vaults, in slow haste.

The Wizard spirit walked on to the vaults as the Necromaster watched him go. Lord Shadow, recognizing the man, flapped onto Kevin’s shoulder and whispered into his ear. Kevin wide-eyed and went up to his master. “Sir, that person is faking his statement. He does know about her, my pet saw him negotiating with the outlaw.”
The Necromaster acknowledged his apprentice’s words. With three snaps of his fingers, two Soul Servants appeared in the air and glided up to Edrik, grabbed at both of his arms. They brought him and held him in front of the Necromaster. “’Haven’t heard of such a living being,’ hmm?” the Necromaster scoffed. “You did see her! You lied behind your ruler!” he gritted his teeth. Edrik cringed in the Necromaster’s anger towards him.
Edrik had no choice. “Okay! Okay! I surrender!” he cried.
“Good. Now, tell me where our Wizard is.”
“She’s not here,” Edrik was only able to say, his voice trembled in nervousness. “Sarah is in the past, on a quest to get rid of the Doom and Gloom curse in this world.”
What?!” said the Necromancer, growling in strong anger. He plunged his staff into the ground; the floor cracked and a tremor shook the area. “Curses!” he yelled in uncontrollable fury. He turned to the Necromancer constables and ordered them, “Take that dragon into the stronghold, and secure it!” Returned his attention to the two Soul Servants, he commanded, “Bring this man into my office! I will get to him as soon as I am finished here.” He dismissed them. Kevin was now the only person left.
“Come, my apprentice. We will find Sarah, and bring her back, by surrender or force. She will not succeed with her little mission any longer.” With that, both master and student teleported away.



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