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Chapter 6

Unwelcoming Approach

“You are a guest,” Sarah explains to Sarah II as she emerged through the World Gate to her Wooded Cottage home, “So I want you to follow the rules to my house.”
Sarah’s listing of rules droned on, though Sarah II ignored them and toured the yard. She felt the bark on trees and sniffed the flowers in the Cyclops statue garden. The atmosphere in the garden brought memories to Sarah II, but, guiltily, drove them away from her mind. She went back and followed Sarah to her house.
“And most importantly, no leaving far from this house,” Sarah ended. Sarah now turned the knob of the door to her castle and push in. Both girls entered the castle and closed the door.
Sarah screamed, Sarah II turned to her offensive position again and posed with her Amethyst blade.
“Err…wow. Somebody doesn’t like surprises,” says a voice in the other side of the room. Sarah turned on the light to see her sister Sierra IceRiver, with her friends: Sabrina RedHunter and Kevin ShadowShade.
Sarah had known Sabrina RedHunter. She was Sierra’s best friend and everyday they spend time with each other. Sarah had liked Sabrina; she was a very passionate and humorous person. The interesting thing about her is that: no matter how dull things went, she’d always have her enthusiasm and that great smile on her face.
As for Kevin…Sarah is new to him, but doesn’t know how she would greet him. Kevin ShadowShade always had that look in his face that really startled Sarah… especially on several occasions he’d give her a smirk. From what she learned from listening in to Sierra’s conversations, Kevin is Sabrina’s close friend. He wasn’t always a nice guy towards strangers, but he kept his mouth shut for his fellow friends when he had something bad to say.
Sarah glanced at the interior of her house; party streamers all over the ground floor, a banner was hung by the second floor balcony, even her dining table was set with food and other goodies. Sarah was speechless.
“What’s going on here? Why are you all in my house?” Sarah barely demanded. Behind her, Sarah II dropped her guard slowly.
“It was Sabrina’s idea,” Sierra mumbled. “Just so you know that I didn’t plan it.”
“Hehe! Yea, it was me,” Sabrina admitted.
“What is the occasion with all of this?” Sarah asked Sabrina.
“A cheer-up party.”
Sarah rose her eyebrow.
“Well, when you were called in to the Headmaster’s, I thought you were in trouble. So I wanted to cheer you up with a party if something bad happened. Are you at least surprised?”
Sarah laughed in relief, “Yea, you sure did surprise me!” Her proof was her heart still beating so fast. “Anyways, that is sweet of you! But, I am not in trouble, I was just called to see the detective in Marleybone.”
“Oh,” Sabrina turned red. She looked away landing her eyes on a stranger, who apparently was with Sarah. “Who is that?” she pointed.
“That’s Sarah. (Well, we both got the same name.) I stopped her in a robbery, in Marleybone, and I told the detective that I would take her–”
“You brought a criminal to your own house!?” said the astonished Sabrina. Sarah quickly cupped her mouth, and whispered.
“Don’t worry. She is only here so that I can ask Sherlock’s questions to her. Plus, she is under probation.”
Sabrina did not know what to say. She only nodded, Sarah put her hand down.
“Yo, Princess!” Kevin called out to Sarah.
“Don’t call me that!” she responded.
“Yeah, yeah. Your creepy friend over there is staring at me,” Kevin pointed at Sarah II. Kevin was lounging on the bar counter, drinking up Sarah’s soda barrels. Sarah was just about to remind him of how much those soda barrels cost her, and to stop drinking from the faucets than from the mugs, until Sarah II viciously jumped at Kevin.

Sarah II didn’t let her guard down completely. She stepped around toward the loafing, distracted Kevin. The boy had brought Sarah II’s memory back into her head. The Kevin she knew was sinister, wicked and mad as a cat scientist—she knows of one. But this person here was dissimilar to her Kevin; he was discourteous, and by far, annoying as what the other used to be.
The boiling thoughts began to send back the regrets Sarah II had bemoaned, fueling her with more stress. She finally had it. The enraged Sarah II pounced Kevin like Firecat and mouse, the beginning of another fight.

“Sarah! Stop!” the voice of Sarah commanded the offensive ninja, but she wouldn’t budge. Kevin tried to kick his attacker off, but in the process, made himself vulnerable to Sarah II’s grappling maneuvers. Sarah II strapped Kevin onto the ground and shouted, “Not so mighty now are you?!” Kevin grunted, “What? You’re crazy!” Sabrina and Sierra ran to aid Kevin from the ninja, no success in pulling her off.
I knew something like this would happen. Sarah pulled out her wand, “Cyclops, come forth! I need your help.” A Cyclops emanates in the middle of the room and roared. He looked to the commotion in the far back of the room. Stomping up to the children, he grabbed Sarah II by her flagpole on the back of her waist. It took her moments to realize that she was rising in midair. Startled, Sarah II unleashed her grip on Kevin, Sabrina and Sierra caught him as he fell.
Sarah looked to her sister and her friends, then sharply glanced at Sarah II in disappointment. “You,” she said firmly, “You have some explaining to do.”



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