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Chapter 8


The bright sunshine glimmered through the balcony window, lighting up the floor. Sarah stretched out of bed, content towards the fact that she had survived the night. Midnight had already beaten her to the bedroom door. “Morning Midnight,” Sarah yawned.
Before she could say anything else, Sarah opened her door and eyed Sarah II’s bed; it was empty, covers thrown off and pillows were misplaced. Even her stuff was gone.
Oh no! She better not have run away from me! Right away, Sarah tossed on her formal clothes and headed out the front door. She stopped.
There by the running river was Sarah II. She was sitting motionless with her legs crossed, her pet joined her. Sarah stepped closer, she noticed that Sarah II’s eyes were also shut. Oh phew. She’s still here.
“Hey!” Sarah shouted. The ninja woke up and splashed into the river. She scrambled herself to the riverbank and pulled herself out. Sarah II was now soggy wet.
“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you like that!” Sarah apologized. The ninja responded with a moan. “I just didn’t know what you were doing.”
“Well, I was meditating…until you came along,” Sarah II said rudely as she squeezed the water from her clothing and emptied her boots. She groaned once more and apologized for her response, “I’m sorry, I just had a moment.”
“No problem. Behave yourself, ok?”
Sarah II nodded.
“Alright, I’m gonna go to school right now. And after that, off to Marleybone to meet with Sherlock. Stay put, and no funny stuff, understand?”
“Yeah, yeah. Heard the rules before, don’t have to repeat them,” Sarah II chuckled as she stretches.
“Okay. See you later,” Sarah waved, going to the World Gate to Wizard City.

Sierra IceRiver shook in her desk of her Ice classroom. She nervously clicked the surface with her fingernails as if she were playing piano keys over and again. No one had noticed her behavior—except Rachel DarkWhisper who sat next to her. The fellow classmate asked if she was alright, Sierra replied with a head shake.Sierra bit her lower lip once Professor Greyrose entered the classroom.
“Good morning, my little snowflakes!” she greeted her students as her fairy wings took her to the front of the class. “I hope you all are excited to get back your tests! I graded them just last night,” she announced. Greyrose picked up a few papers from the stack sitting on her desk and individually passed them to her students.
Sierra grew anxious as she watched Professor Greyrose going to the students. Then, finally, she came to a stop in front of Sierra.
“Great job, Ms. IceRiver!” Greyrose said in satisfactory. Sierra swiftly snatched the paper and looked at it. It was marked with a red ‘B’ on it.
“Oh wow! You really aced that test, didn’t you?” says Rachel who was in Sierra’s business again. Sierra smiled. That girl was right, I was going to passed the exam! “Woo! I passed it! I really passed it! Thank you, weird friend of Sarah’s! Thanks!” she said out loud for the whole world to hear her, especially Sarah II.

“So, you say that the Wizard is actually a good person?” asked Sherlock Bones as he sipped his tea.
“Yes sir,” says Sarah BattleThief sitting on an armchair across from Bones. “Her actual name is Sarah; she’s not from our present time.”
Bones coughed, “My word! That’s the most darnedest thing I’ve ever heard!”
“It’s the truth! Sarah said it herself; so far, my sister is trying to find out if her prediction is the real deal.”
Sherlock Bones shook his head to Sarah’s statement. He took a deep breath and began to preach. “I don’t know about this person, she looks treacherous…and crafty. Are you really sure that it is true: her being a time-traveler? She’s probably trying to pull your leg.”
Sarah covered her teacup, the steam was warm. “Well, I sorta thought it was.”
Bones crouched near the Conjurer. “Listen, I know you are new to the social concept, but there are still things you need to learn. I appreciate the fact that you are finding talking to new people exciting, then again you can’t always accept such bizarre things. For years I’ve been a detective, with my old ears I heard many lies, as there are for truths.”
Sarah stared down in her teacup, then looked back to Bones, barely giving eye contact. Bones continued. “What I am trying to say is, because I don’t like that girl. Yesterday, after the robbery, the lass swore to hurt you. I don’t know what, but it’s best not to think about it. Is she really innocent as what you say, or a little mastermind plotting to get back at you again?”
Bones laid his cup and plate on the coffee table in front of him. “As for today, I’ll tell the police to put this case on hold. Take the time to know the Wizard a little more—to get the facts straight. But remember this: Anyone can tell a story, but it is only up to you to think it’s fact or fiction, with enough evidence. Use it wisely, BattleThief.”

Sarah BattleThief returns to Ravenwood for the final class of the day in Myth School. For the entire time in class, Sarah kept thinking about Sherlock Bones instead of Professor Drake’s lecture of a subject she had no need to listen to. Time went by so fast, she didn’t realize that she was still sitting at her desk, ten minutes after class was dismissed. On the other hand, Cyrus had noticed that Sarah was still in his classroom; he prompted her to leave, so she did.
Sarah exited the school to find Sarah II waiting by the school’s tower steps. She went up to Sarah, finally speaking in a pleasant tone. “How’d class go?” she asked.
“It’s fine, just covered things I’ve already come to know,” Sarah replied. “Hey, I’ve been wondering…”
“Hmm?” hummed Sarah II as she walked besides Sarah.
“Can I… get to know you a bit? We didn’t have a good introduction yesterday. So, yeah.”
“Umm… sure.” With that, both girls went behind the Myth school, sitting by its walls, to have some privacy for their talk.
The ninja was quite interesting to Sarah. She talked about her adventures back in her time: exploring the dangerous portions of the Spiral, repetitively running from the police—called “Necromancer constables”—and even training with her professor. Sarah couldn’t believe that despite living in such a depressing environment, this girl had energy in her blood to be able to run a marathon. Sarah II said that it was important to be in shape, especially in the future where monsters lurked in every corner and other goodies are just waiting to spring out. You need to be able to run a long mile without tiring out to soon, climb up walls to get away from enemies, and being smart and sneaky in the worst situations. It was survival of the fittest: learn your spells and use them for your needs.
The time-travel topic got Sarah’s attention, all the stories were so amazing she wanted to know a lot more. Sarah II says that she was hoping to return to her home time to meet with her professor to go over their plans. But how would she be able to go back? The ninja showed Sarah a magical object, the portal crystal. With this device, she can teleport to anywhere in the Spiral at any time of history, as long as she knew how the area looked like. Sarah II had to put the crystal by her forehead to transfer the details of the location she wished to go to, from her mind. It required focus and concentration to get it right.
“Say, do you have a sibling?” Sarah abruptly asked.
Sarah II went quiet, she rubbed the crystal in her hands. “I did,” she said unhappily, “I had a sister.”
Sarah right away realized that her companion was not comfortable with the change of topic; Sarah II was beginning to tear. “Oh man! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bring that up if you didn’t want to talk about it!”
“No, no it’s okay,” Sarah II wiped her tears, “I just… I don’t see my sister anymore.”
Sarah felt a strong sense of sympathy toward the girl, she is about as isolated as Sarah was when Sierra didn’t want to play with her. She laid her hand on Sarah II’s shoulder. “Gosh. How come? Why doesn’t she see you anymore?”
Sarah II opened her mouth but was interrupted by a familiar yell. “Sarah! Sarah!” the person cried. In seconds, Sierra, followed by Sabrina and Kevin, showed up; the cheerful yelling came from Sierra. She was all excited, than what she normally acts, and flapped a piece of paper in the air.
“Sarah! Your weird friend was right! I passed Professor Greystone’s exam! I passed!” Sierra’s determination on Sarah II’s foretelling was proven right, and that means that the ninja is telling the truth.
Sierra continued to do her victory dance until a pack of students ran past her. She fell onto the floor, “Ow! What the heck are you guys running for?!” she yelled.
Two of the students from the pack stopped and looked to Sierra. “There is a fight,” one student said. “Yeah, and we don’t want to miss it!” The wizards took off.
“Ugh, so rude they won’t even help a girl,” Sierra spit the dirt from her mouth and stepped up. “Boys, I swear, they are so immature when it comes to fights.”
“My gosh! A fight in Ravenwood?! That’s not good!” Sabrina RedHunter screamed. “We’ve got to stop this before someone gets hurt!”

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