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Chapter 9

School Fight

The AYT, both Sarahs, and Midnight followed the trail of wizards to a large crowd of students. They roared and chanted cheers and cheesy threats to the duelists.
Within the circle of students stands Scot TitanFist, a journeyman Diviner. The boy was locked in the student-bordered ring with Thomas ShadowHeart, an adept Necromancer.
Scot was unaware of how this fight started in the first place. Things went fine until Thomas, came around accusing of him for nonsense. Scot couldn’t recall anything arguments that his friend and him even had in the past days.
Over the shouting of the bystanders Scot shouted, “Tom! I don’t want to fight you!”
“I wouldn’t want to fight me either,” mocked the depraved Thomas as he pulled out a Banshee spell card from his deck. “Banshee!” he shouted, the female ghost appeared to fight against Scot.
Storm Shark, go!” Scot used his spell to save him time to pull out other spells from his deck. The banshee Thomas had summoned swiftly glided to Scot and smacked him down on the ground, dropping his cards. The fallen Diviner was able to cast down a storm trap on his friend before the shark made its attack.
Thomas ended up soggy wet from the move. Angrily, he shook his fists, “Was that the best you got? Once I finish with you, I’m gonna bury you down in the ground!” Thomas summoned a vampire to take back the energy he lost. Right in the same moment, a girl runs into the middle of the duel. “Stop!” she cried out.

Sabrina pushed through the crowd and recklessly tossed herself between Scot and Thomas’ duel. She was too determined to stop the violence that she didn’t take notice of the vampire behind her. The vampire hissed at Sabrina, out of the open a bloodbat appears and attacked the vampire. Sabrina turned to see Sarah II besides her. She saved her life. “You okay?” she asked. Sabrina nodded.
Swiftly, Sarah II tackled Thomas off the dueling circle.

Shoot! This better not be Necromaster related, if it is then I am gonna blow a gasket! Sarah II wrestled with Thomas ShadowHeart while she brought out her amethyst blade wand and faced it in front of Thomas. “Awakos persona dos hypnota,” Sarah II chanted. A blast of light beamed down from the sky and showered the hostile necromancer in sparkles of glittering dust. Thomas went limp, Sarah II finally lets go.
The Wizard students silenced in fear of Sarah II and they all began to whisper to one another. They were astonished by the ninja’s strange spell, it was never seen before to the children. Sarah II noticed the expression on everybody’s face, she tried to step closer to the bystanders but they moved a few feet away. All of a sudden, Professors Falmea and Baelstrom emerged from the crowd.
“What is going on over here?” the upset Professor Falmea demanded. Her hair shriveled to reflect her anger, scaring the children out of their wits. She turned to see Sabrina RedHunter, one of her students, standing by Scot and the fallen Thomas. “It’s not how it looks like, Professor,” Sabrina blurted out. The teacher looked at Sabrina for a second, there were no bruises or dirt on her, the Pyromancer was clear from Falmea’s suspension.
Professor Baelstrom hopped up to Scot TitanFist. “Mister TitanFist. What has happened here?” he asked, hoping that his student would be honest with his answer.
“It was nothing,” said the scared Scot. “I was just greeting my friend, but he attacked me for no reason!”
Thomas wakes up, finally. “Ow…where am I?” he groaned. Sabrina stood by Thomas and helped him up. “You were dueling against Scot and you were kind of ruthless. But, a friend and I stopped you from hurting him.”
“Duel? I would never hurt my friend in anyway. Why would I be doing that?”
“Well, whether you did it on purpose, or not, both of you boys better step your way into the Headmaster’s office,” Professor Falmea strictly said as she took Scot and Thomas through the Commons tunnel, along with Professor Baelstrom. The Wizards started to disband in awe and disappointment.
Sabrina took a deep breath, “Something is not right here…Thanks for saving me, Sarah.” She looked around, her friends did the same, the ninja was nowhere in sight. “Where did she go?”

Sarah II ran to the back of Bartleby, her dog kept at her pace. She stopped by the large gap, where the Death school once stood, and caught her breath. “Boy,” she said to her Heckhound companion, ”That wizard was under a beguiler spell. But how did he get it? We’re far away from that incident, but it just happened earlier than I thought. What the heck?”
Midnight II started sniffing the grass toward a bush, he barked. Sarah II went to her pet and observe the ground. It was warm—someone was recently here. “Oh frog,” Sarah II put her hands to her face. “He’s here.”
A hand landed on her shoulder and the ninja immediately whipped around. It was Sarah BattleThief with the AYT. “Once again, you ran away from me,” she said disappointedly. “What am I going do with you?”
“Yes, I have been getting away from you. Now excuse me, I got to go.”
“Go? Where?”
“Krokotopia, to get the Tome,” the ninja rushed.
“Because… you remember how I mentioned the Necromaster last night? Well, that madman just came to this world, at least that’s what I think. But, the important thing is, he already beguiled that student Thomas ‘what’s his face’—I got to go! Now!
Sarah stepped in her way. “Alright, but I’m coming with you.”
“What? No!”
“I don’t want to lose you again.”
“Fine. If you really want the invitation to get killed, then it’s fine by me.” Sarah II just realized that she said the wrong choice of words to say.
“We’re coming with y’all too,” Sabrina said, her friends shook their heads.
Sarah II groaned. “Ok, ok. Even though this is my mission, might as well have acquaintances. Stand back.”
All took a large step back as Sarah II pulled out one of her portal crystals. She held it up, reflecting the sunlight, and a portal appears.
“Everybody hold hands. I don’t want to lose any single of you when we pass through,” says Sarah II. The group went through the portal as it closed up and vanishes behind them.



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