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Chapter 1

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BE-‘ I reached up lazily and turned off my wizard alarm and yawned. “I hate Mondays…” I sat up and stretched. I looked over out my window and saw very little light outside. If I didn’t know any better I would think its 6:00 pm rather than 6:00 am. ”Not even the sun gets up at this time,” I sighed and threw the cover off me. I heard a meow from under it. “Oh, sorry Thor, I forgot you were there.” I lifted the cover up enough to uncover his head. He has beautiful white striped fur and pretty blue eyes. He is my family pet that has been with us for a long time, before my mom was born! Thor has magical powers and everlasting life. He just stared at me from under the cover for a little while and then he crawled back under deeper. “You have to get up too, ya know, today is a big day.” I got up, walked over to my dresser and picked up my favorite purple hair brush and started brushing my red hair. It’s hard to believe I am graduating from the school of magical arts already, seems like I just started coming here and now I’m already a master ice wizard. Of course I’ve had my fair share of help from friends and my mom. My mom is a master life wizard. She visits for all the holidays and catches up with the teachers. All of a sudden my door swung open loudly and Sabrina rushed in my dorm room. “COURTNEY!” she yelled. She was wearing her yellow and blue Dragonspyre cloth outfit with her helmet in her hand. Normally she has her blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail but today she didn’t. I always thought she looked pretty with it down but she never really agrees. She was about to run over to me when Autumn came running in my room and knocked her down. “Courtney! Come on, were going to be late for graduation!” Autumn said. “Ow! Autumn, what’s the big idea! That hurt!” Sabrina yelled. Autumn hopped over Sabrina ignoring she said anything at all and walked over to me. “You’re not even dressed yet. It starts in 30 minutes. Make sure you wear something nice! Today is a big day.” She was already looking through my closet for something I could wear. “Yes I know, I’ll be ready. Promise!” I walked over to her and lead her to the door. “Ok… but if you’re not ready in time we are leaving without you! Come on Sabrina.” She helped Sabrina up and Sabrina gave her a mean look “I was gonna tell her that Autumn,” Sabrina said ”I got to her first.” Autumn stuck her tongue out and Sabrina rolled her eyes. I shut the door behind them and then walked over to my closet. Not much I could wear… I ended up putting on the normal school uniform, but to dress it up somewhat I added my mom’s shoal. She gave it to me the day I left. It used to be hers when she was in school and she wanted me to have it. Once dressed I picked up my wand from my nightstand and threw back the covers off Thor. “It’s time to go,” He yawned and slowly got up and sat there looking at me. “I know you’re tired. I am too, but we can’t be late.” I put my wand in my pocket and held out my arms. Thor jumped in them and I gave him a hug. I carried him outside with me to ravenwood. I saw Sabrina and Autumn waiting for me and I walked over to join them. “I thought I said something nice?” Autumn said. “Well, I didn’t have time to find something nice.” I said, slightly annoyed. Autumn sighed. “Let’s go! The guys are probably waiting for us already.” Sabrina said and we walked towards the boy’s dormitories.



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